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Aug 1, 2009

2nd Year Anniversary & Comics News

2nd Year AnniversaryWell, it feels just like yesterday, when I sat down and thought about giving some form to my long standing ambition to start an exclusive website devoted to one of my long cherished passion over Comics. What came out of that thought, was the blog which has come to be known as Comicology.

And what we have here, is the Second Anniversary of our Blog. Time does run fast, isn’t it? I will save you of my blabbering for the end of the post, but before that, just like our 1st Year Anniversary post, let’s look into some of the most happening news around Indian Comicosphere, to mark the occasion.

A glimpse of Modern Indian Comics (Ramayan - Virgin Comics) On the Indian Comics front, the past year was one of the best in terms of more players joining the Comics field, meaning to its true essence. Ever since Virgin Comics closed shops in 2007, which previewed a whole new face of Indian Comics, there was a dearth of fresh air in the Indian Comics space. Finally, the call seems to have been answered by a host of new start-ups, which are vying to fill up the void left by Virgin/Gotham.

Let’s look into some of those who were recently in the news for their newer endeavours. The list includes only those brands who are still in active publishing, thus steering past the forerunners Indrajal Comics (which had its run from 1964 to 1990, amassing 803 titles in total), Amar Chitra Katha (started in 1967 and running till 1991, amassing 436 titles, and since have been reduced to just reprints. Read more about ACK, here), and the recent casualty Gotham Comics (which never made a long run, through its entire start and stop publishing. Read about their last set release, here).

Donal Duck - Junior Diamond Diamond Comics: From a publishing house which has it roots earlier to the Indian Independence (which dates back to 1907), Diamond Comics, which was started in 1978, remains the most sold comics brand in India, which continues even today. Despite being the forerunner of Comics biz in India, comics fans were always apprehensive about their restrictions into evolving the comics beyond the Chacha Chowdhary, Pinky faces (most commonly referred to as Pran Era), to move to an evolved Graphic Novel format. But, Diamond Comics continues to remain on the same foothold, where they feel themselves more comfortable at.

The only good news heard from them recently, was their foray into bringing Walt Disney back to India, under their sister brand “Junior Diamond”. Read more about it over here. But for the sheer fact of being one of the forerunner of Indian Comics, much more is expected out of them.

Raj Comics Superheroes Raj Comics: The only other brand which could rate up to Diamond to claim their share of the longest in the business; is the 1984 starter Raj Comics. They truly deserve every bit of the accolades, which is reflected by their slogan ‘The Home of Indian Superhero Comics’.

Raj Comics picked up the area which was mostly untouched by Diamond, to base their storylines on in-house created Superheroes, Raj Comics Nagraj & Dhruvamost famous of them being the Raj Comics trio of Nagraj, Doga, and Dhruva.

The superior artwork went hand in hand with the wonderfully written plot, to make their series one of the most recognised ones, very close to the fame enjoyed by DC/Marvel characters in India. Till date, their line-up consists of an amazing 3500+ titles.

The only complaints over Raj Comics, was their ever standing image of being a regional language player (For starters, Raj Comics is predominantly published in Hindi), which long deprived them of the international recognition, which they thoroughly deserve for their splendid work on the Indian Comics front.

Incidentally, there was a recent announcement from the publishers, on them reaching out to more languages (which I presume should include English too) with their brand, which should put them right on with the elite in the business. I am staying hopeful. For details, refer

Karna PreviewVimanika's Karna GN

Vimanika Comics: The only comics company which can claim to have picked up from where Virgin left-off. A brain child of Mumbai based Karan Vir, which was started with much fanfare in 2008. They have two series, in their line-up, namely The Sixth and Moksha, which have so far been released in 3 issues each (including the #0).

The artwork is clearly of the highest standards, you can find at present in India. The plot-work is mostly based on the Indian Mythology, with a retake on some of the forgotten heroes from the myth. (Read more about it, here)

Vimanika's Dashaavatar GNDashaavatar PreviewIn 2009, Vimanika Comics have planned to release their first two Graphic Novels, in the forms of The Legends of Karna (which talks about the life and times of Karna from the Mahabharata epic), and Dashaavatar (which talks about the ten incarnations of Lord Vishnu, as per Hindu Mythology).

The two will become the first volumes, of a series which would run for a couple of years, as per Karan.

Here is a preview of both of those Graphic Novels, which is sure to draw attention towards those incredibly drawn and colored panels. I am eagerly looking forward for them to hit the stands. For details, refer 

Campfire: Another new start-up from the publishers Kalyani Navyug Media, based out in New Delhi. Their initial concentration is totally different from the original Virgin or new-gen Vimanika, as they decided to license out the famous classic novels known to one and all, and present them in a whole new package.

In late 2008, they came up with a host of these classic titles, decorated with new artwork from a number of Indian artists. Not much I could say about the venture, as I am yet to buy them, which I would do shortly, for a review at Comicology.

Campfire - Land Time Forgot Campfire - Alice Campfire - Moby Dick Campfire - Houdini

As far as I have previewed the series, even though the artworks were of varied quality, and some were real breath-taking, the sheer focus on recreating the olden classics, which were read and experienced by majority of the readers bunch, is a little let-down, as it doesn’t allow you to enjoy the title to the fullest, let alone the interest of experiencing something new.

Their company website, says that they are also in the process of creating some Original titles, along with comics based on Mythology. So, I will reserve my verdict, after experiencing their titles. As per the sales, goes I still see much of Campfire titles available on shops, which were released way back in 2008. They must think about more aggressive marketing strategies, if they want to make themselves know among the masses. For details, refer

Arkin Comics Preview Arkin Comics: Is an aspiring comics company, started by Rohan Kapadia, IRITH #1 Preview based out in Pune. Their primary objective is to create custom comics, and also venture on 3-D comics, which they tout as the first ever in India.

Their current concentration is on releasing a line-up of comics consisting of a new superhero team, by the name of IRITH, which they pronounce as India’s First Anti-Terrorist Superhero Task Force. A huge difference from their other contemporaries, who all seem to be relying their titles on Indian mythology.

We had previewed their planned series during our V-Day post here, where the creators behind the series had expressed their concept on the direction of their dream venture. Refer to the interesting discussion on Comments section at the end of the post.

Their first issue is due in the mid of August, so do look forward for them at your local newsstands. For details, refer

M4 Comics - One M4 Comics: Another aspiring comics company, from the recently started M4 Media, based out in New Delhi. Dheeraj Verma, co-founder of M4 Media, and former veteran artist of Raj Comics, who recently also had a stint with M4 Media - Kids MagazineVimanika, has said that they are working on a new series, titled as One, which will be a take-down again from the Mahabharata epic.

Seems that the epic Mahabharata, is the hot property among all the new comic start-ups in India at present.

Apart from the Comics, they are also planning for a host of magazines targeted at Kids and Young adults.

Not much, I could say about them, as their plans are still on an early stage, and much depends on how their final products turns-out. For details, refer 

Devashard Book 1 India Cover Fluid Comics: Well, as it turned out, the wealth in offer with Mahabharata epic, or Indian mythology as a whole, is not only restricted to aspiring Indian start-ups. Fluid Friction Comics, who are based out in Hong Kong, and specialises in the Manhua (which is the Chinese art version, of Japanese Manga), have come up with a new title Devashard, which also is a take-down from the characters represented in Mahabharata.

Devashard Book 1 Original CoverThey have so far released two titles, in Hong Kong and Internationally. Out of which, the first edition was distributed for sale in India through IDB. It was priced around INR 195, which was way over cost, for a brand new comic in Indian market.

As expected, their sales weren’t as promising, and the second issue of Devashard, is yet to make it to India, which I doubt it will never be.

I had picked up the first title (which was available in late 2008), which featured a new cover from their international version, to mark their Indian entry and make it more aligned to the Indian readers (The Sun god centric cover-art).

Bhumi Map - DevashardTo say frankly, I wasn’t impressed to a great extent, either in the artwork or the storyline. The only bright aspect of the series, was the depiction of Earth, which is termed as Bhumi, and was detailed into such minute reference and geographical distribution of lands and uninhabited places, which was an entirely different takedown from other comic series I have read based on Mahabharata.

May be a second issue in the series, with reasonable pricing would have given an opportunity to re-experience the series and take a final call. But with that looking improbable at the moment, the verdict is reserved on the series. We will see more about the series, during our review of the first title, which is been pending for long time at Comicology.

For details, refer,, and their official blog (which has some inside details about the characters and the world of Devashard. Definitely, deserves a visit and read)

Celeberations for 2nd YearFireworks for 2nd Anniversay And that brings to the end of the Comics News exclusive to the Indian domain, covering all the happenings around the Indian Comics Industry. Now, for a little chit-chat on our occasion of celebrating the 2nd Year anniversary at the blog.

It has indeed been a long and fruitful journey so far for us at Comicology, especially to me. From a humble beginning when the blog was frequented only by a handful of friends, it has blossomed into a website which garners more than 200 hits a day on an average, from over 120 countries.

Comicology Stats (Dec 2007) Comicology Stats (July 2008) Comicology Stats (July 2009)

It speaks volume about the contribution of readers, who cherished reading about one of our unique passion towards Comics. From my side, I have always resolved to the determination, that I wouldn’t be using this blog either as a medium for making money, or to drift away to things unrelated to Comics or its sub-genre Animation.

On this sweetful journey, I also garnered a host of friends, which I believe was the biggest achievement of this whole initiative. The journey also brought some bitter pills to swallow, but they only helped me to grow more determined, and focus on evolving the content offering, day-in an day-out. In return for all those true love and support, you can take my words that we are here to stay and together will enjoy the richness in offer out of the “The 9th Art”, for years to come.

And just before I close, I often come face to face to few of the nears, who keep asking me the same question –“Do you feel your time is well spent on this childhood passion?”. Well it’s hard to explain to them on your likes and dislikes, but I simply want to leave them with some of the famous words uttered by T.S.Elliot:

“Time you enjoyed wasting is not wasted time”

Wish you a Happy Friendship day, my friends, aka fellow Comikers. Have Fun and nJoY Star

Jan 1, 2009

Best of Year 2008 – Comicology Awards

We have finally reached the end of the most controversial year in the decade.  The Year 2008 had its fair share of surprises; Booming Indian Economy, Global Economic Slowdown, Indian Crickets Turn-around, Gore of Terrorism; it was overall a mixed bag of events.  Hopefully, we will get to see a better year, in 2009.

The Comics or Graphic Novel Biz also had a fair bit of happenings around in 2008, with the introduction of new players in form of CineBook, Tara Press, Euro Books, Vimanika, etc.  In the South, we had a rejuvenated Prakash Publishers, unveiling their line up of classical Tamil comics. Overall, it was year to remember and cherish for a Comics fan.

vote With the experience of running a blog for the last 3 years, I believe it’s time we talk about good things which have passed over in 2008, on the field of Comicology.  But, don’t we need a fair trial ?  In keeping up with the Election fever in the country, Comicology gives you an option to elect the best of 2008, in a democratic way.  Yes, I am not going to be the sole judge in selecting the best in various categories.  In fact I will only be a facilitator allowing all the comics fans to choose, by providing them options among the nominees elected by Comicology in the various categories.

UPDATE (26-Jan-08): And thus it turned out, the Inaugural Comicology's Readers Poll to choose the Best of 2008, has surely turned on as the biggest attraction to the blog. There were a total of 333 Votes which were cast across multiple comics categories, which makes me proud to have initiated this, and will go a long way in organising this poll on a yearly basis.  Thanks to all those Comicologists, who spent their time and effort in making this a big success. Without further due, here are the Winners in respective categories.

#1: Best English Comics

The Nominations for this category, would be from the English Comics Series, which were reviewed at Comicology in 2008, as that gives a chance for everyone to arrive at their decision with what they have read about them at Comicology. If you choose to read the reviews before you vote, click on each of those series for reaching the respective review page at Comicology.

Best English Comics 2008 PollThe Nominations are:

And the Winner is: Surprise, Surprise.  The unanimous choice seems to be The 99 Series from Teshkeel Comics, out of those English comics series reviewed at Comicology in 2008.

The Strong favourite, as many thought was the Lucky Luke Series from CineBook, which was leading the pack when the polls were started.  But the predominant visitors from out of the country, seem to have voted in favour the 99 series, as that is the new kid on the block. 

Total Number of Votes: 49.

#2: Best Tamil Comics

Year 2007 had a new star in the Tamil Comics horizon in form of Star Comics. But its starting issues, coupled with a no-show of Iceberg Comics, ensured that Prakash Publishers, were the only player available in this competition in 2008. So, there are no surprises that all the nominees are from the Lion Comics & Muthu Comics (Comics Classics is left out for obvious reasons, as they are olden classics which can't be placed in the same scale of Modern day Comics).  As with the previous section, if you would like to read a review about them before voting, click on the respective titles.

Best Tamil Comics 2008 PollThe Nominations are (in the order of their release):

And the Winner is: There are no surprises in this category, as the pack of Tamil comics released by Prakash Publishers, is lead in the front by the Lucky Luke extravaganza, showing to prove the fan-following this legendary character enjoys among Tamil comic fans.  The much acclaimed and well received Martin Mystery extravaganza takes the second place, marginally missing out on 3 votes.

Total Number of Votes: 22.

#3: Best Blog

We saw an abundant amount of interest in the Comics Blog World, with a lot of new bloggers staking their claim, and giving much needed competition to the two long running blogs: MuthufanBlog & Comicology.  So this award category will highlight the Best Blog of 2008.  The Criteria for the Blog Nominations are:

  • Minimum of 5 Posts (relevant to Comics) over the Year
  • Blogs about English Comics and Tamil Comics (Hindi Comics is too early to be reviewed at Comicology)
  • Blogs which doesn’t infringe any Copyrights held by the authorised publishers

The Nominations are (in the order of their Post Count):

Best Blog 2008 Poll1. Tamil Comics Ulagam: Obviously, the most happening blog on the Tamil Comics blogosphere, inspired by Viswa.  The fact that it boasts 25 Posts in a time span of 4 months from its launch, speaks volume about his dedication. A strong contender for the top honours.

2. Comicology: I shouldn’t be talking much about my own blog initiative, nevertheless for the sheer count of 25 Posts over the year, I believe Comicology is qualified to be in the nominations list.  But as always, the final judgment is with the readers.

3. Aa.Ko.Thee.Kaa. (அ.கொ.தீ.க.): The First full exclusive Tamil Comics Blog, started by veteran Tamil Comics Researcher, Dr.Sathish.  His unique knack of providing a complete account of every series, made it one of the most sought after blog of 2008, with a total of 7 Posts (Including 1 Intro post).

4. Comics Pookal (காமிக்ஸ் பூக்கள்): A new entrant in the Tamil Comics Blog, but quickly staked his claim on the equals, by breaking away from traditional comics review and concentrating on the different topics through the history of Comics and its evolution.  The posts are strengthened by the strong Tamil root evident in the writing of Ayyampalayam Venkateshwaran, and rightly deserves its nomination with 6 Posts (Including 1 Intro post).

And the Winner is: Comicology narrowly beat AKTK, by 1 vote. Thanks to all those who made that possible. Surprisingly the 3rd place is shared both by TCU and Comics Pookal with equal number of votes.

Total Number of Votes: 65.

Apart from the above blogs which were nominated, there were a few others, which just missed out from the nomination, but deserves a special mention (in the order of their importance and content relevance):

1. Muthu Fan’s Comics Blog: The Old War Horse missed the bus for the Nomination with only 3 posts in the year 2008, but doesn’t it deserve a legendary category award, for having pioneered the whole comics blogging passion?  So, its deservedly should not be among the nominations, as the blog has a cult following unmatched by any other blogs.  Muthufan has promised a series of posts in 2009, so it augers well for the legacy set by the forerunner of Tamil Comics Blog.

2. Kanavukalin Kaathalan (கனவுகளின் காதலன்): A Tamil Comics Blog by the superiorly talented Shankar Visvalingam.  His posts are uniquely styled with a fair mix of poetry and classic writing, backed up by the rich experience on a range of comics genre.  He has 3 unique posts as a testament to his talent.

4. Share Hunter: Eventhough the primary aim of this Tamil Blog by Josh Alexander, was to write his analysis about the share market, he has offlate been more active in posting a number of comic related blogs, with reviews, and even an iconic adventure series featuring the who-is-who of bloggers.  The only thing lacking is that they are lost in the pile of his share-market related posts. But isn’t he more famous for that ? :)

5. Rani Comics (ராணி காமிக்ஸ்): A new entrant in the Tamil Comics Blog, originally started by me, with the intention of making it a team blogging activity talking through the history of Rani Comics.  So far I have been playing a lone hand in the process managing 3 posts in total, all in the month of Dec’08.

6. Mudhalai Pattalam (முதலை பட்டாளம்): Started by a serious Comics collector Kaleel.  A long way to go for him to stake his claim among the other bloggers.

7. Chitrakathai: Started by Siv, talking about the forgotten comics initiatives in Tamil.  He is yet to make a mark in the blogosphere, and his focus on the less-quality comics, with little info isn’t helping grow his stature.  He has 4 posts so far about these Tamil Comics.

#4: Best Comics Post

Best Comic Post 2008 PollThis is across the Comics Blogosphere, and I have chosen the best posts from the top Comicologists blog as a list of nominees for this prestigious award at Comicology.  This is the only poll in the Year 2008 round-up, which will give you a chance to pick multiple blog posts, you deem to be the best so far in 2008.

The Nominations are:


And the Winner is: There is another tie in this category too.  Comicologists have voted Blake & Mortimer post of Comicology, and Bond post of TCU both has the joint winners, garnering 30 votes each.  So, we have a joint winners once again, in the form of Comicology & TCU.

Total Number of Votes: 93.

#5: Best Comics-Commenter

Time and again, I have iterated in my posts, that more than the number of readers who visit your blog, it is ultimately the persons who decide to record their comment are the important factor, which decides a success of the blog.  It is a clear reward for the hard work put in by a blogger, which has to be aptly supported by all those who read through them to record their views as a comment.  Either it is a comment in nature of a critic, or appreciative, they are the building blocks for a healthy blogging environment.  The idea for this category, is to appreciate the best and the most active one out of this lot, to recognize the equal importance played by them on a blog’s lifeline.  Here are those select GEMS out of the crowd.

Best Commenter 2008 PollThe Nominations are:

  • Viswanathan
  • Rafiq Raja
  • Shankar Visvalingam
  • Mahesh Kumar
  • Arun Prasad
  • அய்யம்பாளையம் வெங்கடேஸ்வரன்
  • Dr. Sathish
  • அம்மா ஆசை இரவுகள்

And the Winner is: The winner seems to be unanimous, and I am thankful to all the Comikers who voted me out from the lot.  I always considered that Comments are the best way to support a blogger, and it is good to know that people have shown supports towards the same cause.  Thanks once again.

Total Number of Votes: 104.

That completes our Comicology’s First ever Comics Vote Categories.  With the phenomenal success, I am pretty sure that we will see this as a regular year end feature at Comicology.

And before I close, wish you all a Happy New Year 2009.  May all your wishes come true on this joyous occasion. To quote, Edith L Pierce:

“We will open the book. Its pages are blank. We are going to put words on them ourselves. The book is called opportunity and its first chapter is New Year's Day.”

In keeping up with the New Year Spirit, We have also moved onto a new exclusive domain for Comicology, (I don’t know, how many noticed this change in the URL).  The old blogspot URL will now redirect to this new domain automatically.  It’s my long-time ambition to move to an exclusive domain and part of my Ver.2.0 plan.  I thought this blog deserved this worthy expense, as a New Year Gift.

Happy Holidays, and I will be back with a New Year Special Post shortly.

Aug 1, 2008

1st Year Anniversary & Other Comics News

flyer_anniversary_cropToday, we celebrate the 1st year anniversary of Comicology.  Even though the blog, was technically in existence as early as 2005, with some stop-start comic posts, this was the day a year ago, when I decided to streamline the blog as a whole, by cluttering off old posts, and starting afresh.  It was a fruit for my long desire to start a blog where we will discuss comics past, present, and possibly future. 

Over the lengthy journey, if this humble initiative had achieved even 5 to 6 regular readers, then I believe the original concept for starting an exclusive comics blog would have achieved its goal. 

Hopefully, we will continue to go from strength to strength through our future posts.  For now, let’s look at few comics news around the globe, to mark our occasion.

quickeflupke#1: Tintin’s Abandoned Cousins Make World Debut in India

COMIC book series created by world-famous Belgian cartoonist Herge is being revived and will soon make a world debut in India.

While Tintin, the intrepid cub reporter created by Herge, acquired iconic status, the antics of the Brussels' street urchins Quick and Flupke remained mostly unknown.  But in November, 100 years after Herge's birth, Quick and Flupke will be rolled out in a 12-volume series of comics for the first time from India, the Indian Express newspaper has reported.

"India will be our testing ground before taking it to other countries," Uday Madhur, managing director of Euro Books told the paper.  Euro Books has been distributing the popular Adventures of Tintin series for the past decade and has now procured the rights of Quick and Flupke.  The cartoon series is about two goofy boys who unintentionally cause trouble, much to the annoyance of their parents and the police.  Quick and Flupke made their debut in 1930 in the short-story format in the Le Petit Vingtieme newspaper, one year after Tintin appeared in the same newspaper.

But with the success of Tintin and publishing some 310 gags of Quick and Flupke, Herge decided to devote his time to the adventures of Tintin and his clever white terrier, Snowy.  Source: &

Comicology’s Call: We have reviewed Euro Books previous comics releases over here at Comicology. But this release is a big letdown for the company. Even though, I agree that Quick & Flupke have a classic touch to them, by the mere fact of being the brainchild of TinTin’s creator, they lack the punch to garner the interest of an enthusiastic comic collector.  The artwork is a big let-down, and the 2 page comic stories dont add credits to the series.  No wonder, why Herge decided to concentrate on TinTin alone.

Virgin Comics #2: Virgin Comics is Closed

After rumours began swirling late last week, Publisher’s Weekly now confirms that Virgin Comics has closed. The SoHo offices have been shut down, the staff let go and principals Sharad Devarajan, Gotham Chopra and Lance Leiberman have not returned attempts by the media to get details.

Virgin Comics has issued the following statement:

"Virgin Comics announced today that it will be reorganizing its operations and closing its New York office to consolidate in an LA base. The Company is currently working with management to restructure the business and will release its future plans in the next few weeks.”

Sharad Devarajan, CEO, said, 'We remain excited about the business and partnerships we have built through Virgin Comics and are working towards a restructuring that properly takes the business forward. The decision to scale down the New York operations and concentrate on core activities is due to the current macro-economic downturn and is in no way a reflection on the dedicated and valuable employees we have had the privilege to work with.' "

Gotham Entertainment, based in Bangalore, is expected to remain in operation.

Virgin Comics is another in a long line of start-ups that have failed to succeed in either the direct sales comic book market or crossover to mass market readers.  Their Shakti line was not dissimilar to CrossGen’s own universe while their Director’s Cut imprint seemed modeled on Tekno Comics’ model of using Big Name people to bring in curious readers.  The lack of a successful marketing campaign and inability to get readers excited about the material contributed to the line’s failure.  Source:

Comicology’s Call: It’s sad that we have to cover a news about a comic company’s closing doors, during our 1st year anniversary post, and that too about one which had its roots in India.  Virgin had all the ingredients to be a successful comics venture, with their initial focus on creating comics based on Indian mythology, and taking it to global audience with a mix of next-gen artwork and plot.  But like many other good start-ups, they drifted from their original concept, and what we see is that it has lead them to their ultimate fate.

We are yet to hear the re-launch of Gotham Comics Indian editions, and this news doesn’t put all the good signs on that effort.  Even though the final statement saying that Gotham Comics at Bangalore will continue to function, adds some hope to otherwise shoddy saga.  Let’s stay hopeful.

UPDATE (11/08): It seems the management of the company was bought over by the Indians who started the business in association with Virgin Comics.  The new company is now called Liquid Comics, and it seems their current focus is only on holding with the movie rights which were discussed during Virgin’s association.  So, them into Comics now looks a distant future, which means its officially a closure of Gotham Comics. 

I guess its more than what we hoped to cover in our 1st year Anniversary post, as we saw an equal share of good and bad news altogether. 

Let’s hope our dream project Comicology grows better and stronger, with more ardent comics fans (Comikers, as we term them over here) will start becoming more and more interactive with their comment contribution in future posts.  I am staying confident, let’s see what the future holds, while we move on with this amazing journey.

Oct 23, 2005

Index of Comicology | Bibliography

English Comics
CineBook Euro Books Gotham / Virgin / Liquid Comics

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02. Lucky Luke | 2008
03. Clifton #1-5 | 2008
04. Childrens Category | 2008
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06. Blake & Mortimer #1-3 | 2008
07. Largo Winch #1 | IR$ #1 | 2008
08. Green Manor #1 | 2008
09. Biggles Recounts | Rugger Boys | 2008
10. Backlist Titles | 2009
11. Madame Tussaud | 2008

01. Biggles | 14 Volumes | 2007
02. Spirou and Fantasio | 12 Volumes | 2007
03. Lucky Luke | 24 Albums | 2009
04. Iznogoud | 12 Albums | 2009 

01. Gotham Comics #40 | Jul 2007
02. Gotham Comics #41 | Aug 2007
03. Gotham Comics #42 | Sep 2007
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Teshkeel / Vimanika Comics Others Media News

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02. Vimanika Comics: The Sixth | Moksha #0-1

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02. Tara Press - Lucky Luke | 2007
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04. Chandamama - Collectors Edition | 2008
05. Graphix - Bone #1 to #4 | 2008
06. Lee Falk’s Phantom-1: Origins of Ghost
07. Amar Chitra Katha – Mahabharata | 2007
08. The Dreamer by Will Eisner – Norton | 2008

01. Comics Hobby - Nov '08
02. Batman & Comic Break - Nov '08
03. Bone – Creator Visit to India - Nov '08
04. Next-Gen Epic – Times of India | Dec '08
05. Disney Comics back in India | Apr '08
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Tamil Comics
Lion Comics Muthu Comics Rani Comics

01. # 160 - Iznogoud | Apr 2000
02. # 200 - Cowboy Special | Jul 2007
03. # 201 - Modesty Blaise | Nov 2007
04. # 202 - Lucky Luke | Jan 2008
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01. Rani Comics – Rise and Fall | 1984-2005
Comics Classics Others Special Reviews (English)

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03. Survival - Siruvar Malar - 1 - 1988
04. Thigil Comics #56: Thirteenth Floor | 1992
05. Star Comics #1 - Bernard Prince | Apr 2007
06. Iceberg Comics #4 - Lucky Luke | Aug 2007

01. Let's Celebrate Comicology
02. 1st Year Anniversary & Comics News
03. Comicology v2.0 
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Comic Characters / Series
Franco-Belgian Genre Indian Genre British Genre

 Bernard Prince
Blake and Mortimer
Largo Winch
Lucky Luke
Madame Tussaud
Quick and Flupke
Rugger Boys
Scared to Death
Spirou and Fantasio
Yoko Tsuno

Kapil Dev
Shikari Shambu
Sunny The Supersleuth
The Sixth

Buck Ryan
Cisco Kid
 John Havoc
John Steel
Johny Nero
Max the Computer
Modesty Blaise
Steel Claw
The Saint
The Spider
The Thirteenth Floor

American Genre Others Schools of Arts

Bruce Lee
Donald Duck
Mickey Mouse
Phil Corrigan
The Phantom

Italian Genre

Martin Mystery
Nick Raider
Tex Willer

Arab Genre

The 99

Ligne Claire

Marcilleni School
The Men behind the Veil
(Creators / Writers / Artists)

Alan Grant
Alan Moore
Alfredo Castelli
Anant Pai
André Franquin
André Paul Duchâteau
Arnab Das
Aurelio Galleppini
Bernard Asso
Bernard Vrancken
Bob de Groot
Claudio Nizzi
Daniel Chauvin
Dilip Kadam
Deepak Sharma
Denis Bodart
Dheeraj Verma
Don Freeman
Edgar Jacobs
Eric Loutte

Fabien Vehlmann
Fabio Civitelli
Francis Bergèse
Frank Leclercq
Giancarlo Alessandrini
Giovanni Bonelli
Grzegorz Rosiński
Jack Monk
Jean Giraud
Jean Tabary
Jean Van Hamme
Jean-Michel Charlier
Jeff Smith
Jerry Siegel
Jesús Blasco
Joel Rideau
John McCrea
John Wagner
José Ortiz
Ken Bulmer

Lee Falk
Leslie Charteris
Luis Fernandes
Marcel Uderzo
Maurice De Bevere
Michel Oleffe
Naif Mutawa
Phil Davis
Phillippe Francq
Raymond Macherot
Raymond Moore
René Follet
René Goscinny
Robert Velter
Ron Wagner
Santiago Martín Salvador
Stephen Desberg
Vince Locke
W.E. Johns
Will Eisner

Comics Publishers
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Yesteryear Comics Brands
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