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Oct 18, 2007

Gotham Comics #42 - Sep '07

Commitment is the Buzzword in Comics World.  And who else other than Gotham, can do it better than any other.  We have Gotham #42 released this month.  While other comics business (especially in Tamil) don't come up with any announcements, even forget releasing, Gotham continues to amaze.

1. Superman #42: Intermezzo
Writer: Dwayne McDuffle | Artist: Renato Quedes
2. Batman #42: Stalked
Writer: Paul Dini | Artist: Joe Benitez
Superman 42 Batman 42

By and large, I should say that this issue set only disappointed me a lot.  For Instance, the flagship series of Superman, Batman, have now been reduced to a single story edition, wherein they should be concentrating on releasing a storyline which should run issues.  The single story editions clearly lacks the bite.

Obviously, Gotham is trying to woo all the readers to buy issues and forget about continuity factor, to keep the marketing aspect afloat.  But, that doesn't help the Comic Lovers, like myself, who would like to read comics as it is currently in the market.  Hopefully, Gotham will turn to the old formats again.

Talking of the releases, The Teen Titans, Wolverine, X-Men, Avengers seem to be currently boasting good continuity storyline.  While others don't impress much.  That should be said to the Virgin Brand too.

3. Wonder Woman #3 4. Teen Titans #14
Beast Boys and Girls : Part 2 : Wild Life
Writer: Geoff Johns | Artist: Tom Grummett
Wonder Woman 03 Teen Titans 14
5. Ultimate Spiderman #35
Hollywood : Part 3
Writer: Brian Michael Bendis | Artist: Mark Bagley
6. Incredible Hulk #31
Peace in our Time : Part 1

Writer: Daniel Way | Artist: Keu Cha
Ultimate Spiderman 35 Hulk 31
7. Wolverine #16
Agent of Shield : Part 1 of 6
Writer: Mark Millar | Artist: John Romita, Jr.
8. Astonishing X-Men #13

Writer: Joss Whedon | Artist: John Cassaday
Wolverine 16 Astonishing XMen 13
9. Fantastic Four #23
Rising Storm : Part 4 of 4
Writer: Mark Waid | Artist: Mike Wieringo
10. The New Avengers #26
The Sentry : Part 1
Writer: Brian Michael Bendis | Artist: Steve McNiven
Fantastic Four 23 Avengers 26
11. Batman Adventures #36
Writer: Bill Matheny | Artist: Christopher Jones
12. Fantastic Four Adventures #7
Women are from Venus, Men are from Atlantis
Writer: Jeff Parker | Artist: Manuel Garcia
Batman Advts 36 Fantastic Four Advts 07
13. Justice League Adventures #35
In the Dimming Light

Writer: Adam Beechen | Artist: Carlo Barberi
14. Spiderman Adventures #7
Rush Hour
Writer: Sean McKeever | Artist: Pat Scherberger
Justice League Advts 35 Spiderman Advts 07
15. Devi #6
Samsara : Part 6
Writer: Samit Basu | Artist: Aditya Chari
16. Snake Woman #6
Writer: Zeb Wells | Artist: Dean Hyrapiet
Devi 06 Snake Woman 06
17. The Sadhu #6
Writer: Gotham Chopra | Artist: Manikandan
My Letter on Sharad's Corner
(Highlighted in Red)
Sadhu 06 Gotham - 42 - Comics Corner_HL

Much of the Comics getting released by Gotham are available in digital versions on torrents, and they are at least a year ahead in the series too.  But, I don't find it equally interested to read digital comics, like the physical hard copy ones.  It's so convenient to read it on hand, then staring at Monitors for long.  But, if the quality of the releases don't improve, then we will only be left to buy Gotham for the sake of collection alone.  I would be the last person to see that happening in future.

As per the last news, Gotham is planning to re-launch their Super Specials in a better way.  Hopefully, that should help to satisfy the comic urge in us.

One consolation though with this release, at least for myself, that my letter is featured in Sharad's Corner (see last image).  And I also received the Ghost Rider DVD for the last contest.  Thanks Gotham for making this month that much more exciting (now I don't want to hear those 'selfish' chants, ok ? :) ).  Looking forward for the next (and better) instalments.

PS: Thanks for all those who have been visiting the blog all these days (I can see at least 10 different unique visits every week from the site trackers), and sorry that I couldn't keep the blog updated all along.  If I say the month of Ramadan as the reason, then it would be like hiding the whole truth.  Month of Ramadan was only one of the reasons for an already lazy guy to get onto his shells on his own.  Nevertheless, Eventhough I can't commit of the timely updates, trust me to keep it updated on a regular intervals.  Thanks for all those comments and scraps, and keep them coming to keep the blog up and running.

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