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Apr 5, 2008

Muthu Comics #308 - John Steel | Apr '08

Prakash Publishers | Price: INR 10 | Pages: 108 | B/W | Size: B6 | Tamil | Laminated/HardCover

Prakash Publishers shook me out of my own imposed hibernation, and surprised me (and I believe everyone) with the next release of Muthu Comics #308, featuring John Steel in a mystery filled two stories titled "Kathai Sollum Kolaigal" (கதை சொல்லும் கொலைகள்) and "Karuppu Vattam" (கருப்பு வட்டம்).  It's been a long time I read two quality detective comics, and what more when you get classics from 1960's.  The Cover Art seems to have been shooed away from a Johny Nero story, I wonder aren't there any Original Cover arts for John Steel, which could have been more suitable for a first issue devoted completely to him?  But, the cover art is real stunning, so the oddity is acceptable.

Muthu #308 Cover
Muthu 308 c1
Comics Time (Editors Column)
Muthu 308 Comics Time 

This edition marks a come back for Muthu, with the last issue (#307) releasing way back in September last year.  Editor easily didn't even mention about the delay this time, as it seem to have become a tradition with the publication, and he seems to take pride in continuing the saga.  This time around, there are announcements for more than 5 detective stories in the line-up this year, but I am not hopeful enough for Mr. Vijayan keeping up the promise.

I am trying not to post any spoilers for this detective stories, so you could enjoy reading them at your leisure.  As always, here are the Comics-Time, and some Teasers for the forthcoming Muthu Comics issues.

Muthu 308 c2 Muthu Coming Soon-1Muthu Coming Soon-2

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