Jan 29, 2008

Lion Comics #202 - Lucky Luke | Jan '08

Prakash Publishers | Price: INR 10 | Pages: 68 | Color | Size: B6 | Tamil | Laminated/HardCover

Merke Oru Maamannar
(மேற்கே ஒரு மாமன்னர்)

Lion 202 c1

Lion Comics, another flagship brand of Prakash Publishers, makes it return with Issue #202 this month. 

Featuring our favorite cowboy Lucky Luke in "Merke Oru Maamannar" (மேற்கே ஒரு மாமன்னர்), Multi-color saga promises to be another classic Lucky Luke stories, where Lucky tries to save an American city from a puppet millionaire, calling himself as the King of USA. A hilarious tale for which the Man who shoots faster than his own Shadow, is known for.

Release of Lion Comics and Comics Classics from Prakash Publishers at the same month, shows a promising start to the new year for the legendary publishing house from South India.

The paper quality though is a worrying factor.  I don't remember a Lucky Luke issue being printed in a sub-standard paper for a long time.  That has discredited the usually stunning artwork in color. 

Seems, editor has used the same paper which is used for printing the black and white stories.

After witnessing the high quality Lucky Luke series released by Tara Press recently, this brings us back to the sub-standard at which Tamil Comics Industry still lingers at.  Hope it changes for better.

Lion 202 Hotline The Hotline of this edition touches upon the modern day threat to general media, the piracy. Editor Vijayan, has expressed his concerns over a reader who has found a way to make some big money by scanning and illegally selling our vintage Lion-Muthu issues.  Editor ends his hotline by requesting the other readers not to support these piracy, and reveals his plans to launch a legal action against the mischief-maker.

Piracy has been a hotly debated topic up recently, with publishers all over the world concerned about the industry as a whole affected by what's called as digital preservation and Free Internet, by those who are involved with scanning and distributing Comics through Internet.

But, rather than pin-pointing who is wrong, what matters is to find why do these problems arise.  For instance, what has caused this habit to spread over to the unfamiliar territory of Tamil Comics? where Comics reading habit is cherished and the select few who run business are considered to be scarce.

To that extent, Prakash Publishers and Mr. Vijayan have themselves to blame for this predicament.  Eventhough, time and again Editor reiterates that regional comics business is not that profitable one to continue uninterrupted, but the fact remains that it isn't a loss making business either.

By what I hear from the reliable sources, every comics issue printed by Prakash Publishers are made in a sizeable number, much bigger than the 10k which editor claims. Then what makes him not produce titles more regularly, when there is a clear fan-following for their comics and a wide spread interest towards seeing the new releases from the publication?

The fact remains, that much of it is due to the Editors interest towards his other businesses, like Printing and publishing newsprint's and textbooks, coupled with him being involved in importing and selling the Print machines in South India.  Obviously, the bucks made there are far superior and instant, then what's made of Comics publishing.  So Editor only releases a comic when he finds time to lighten up his old hobby, and the readers are left with uncertainty over the period releases.  This is what has resulted in the situation Prakash Publishers find themselves in.

Lion's Next Issue: Tex Willer 3 Part SagaLet's hope the moment of reality would make Mr. Vijayan to think of being more regular, thus avoiding the die-hard fans from diverting into other modes to keep alive their passion.

Lion 202 Back Cover: Lion XIII Special TeaserTo bring us back to the current happenings, as per the norm, we get to see a preview of upcoming 3 part Tex Willer Saga, which promises to be a sure hit.  Seeing the color advertisement, I wonder how it would be to see Tex Willer in full color. It may never happen, but no harm in living in a fantasy world :). 

The next big special featuring XIII is the other advertisement taking its share in the back cover.

As always would be eager to see your views about this post, and the Lion Comics edition we have received in it, through the comment section below. Adios Amigos!!

17 ComiComments:

Very Good post.

I think ethanukku ethan was the first spider comic got released in tamil from lion in 1984. I have no idea about the waves of the peril/naasa alaigal.

Hope Mr. vijayan will release the books on time in the near future.

By the way, I saw a new website two weeks ago,which has tamil comics online.
At www.crowncomics.net, you could see some lion, muthu, thigil and Rani comics.

One more info, Frew is releasing their 1500th Phantom special issue
this month.


When did you receive this comics? (I have not yet received my subscriber copy?)

Thanks for let us to know about www.crowncomics.net .


Please tell me where these comics are available at chennai. Pls ! Pls !

Peter John

Hi friends,

I just want to know where these comics are available at chennai

Please let me me know where these comics are available at chennai.

hi guys,
Any idea where i can get these comics in bangalore..... am too lazy to subscribe these copies.. so anyone know a shop where i can buy these comics??????/

Hi Raja any idea when the Iznogoud series starts ? And any possibility of more titles in the Lucky Luke series ? Also Euro books as released a large number of varied titles- quickand Flupke by Herge as well as some Commando comics- any news on how many titles of each they will comeout with ?

Mahesh, Anny, Shankar: This time Prakash Publishers seem to have shipped the comics in batches. Normally, I use to get subscription copy first before other subscribers. But this time around few others got it a week before, and even a Bangalore friend received it 3 days before I received them finally on Jan 26. So hopefully the subscription copies would have reached all, and the books should have reached or reaching this week on bookshops.

Thanks Rafeek,
Yeah, I have received my subscribed copy.

Vethalan: Thanks for your sharing about the Frew's hallmark issue. So good to see a phantom comic being publishing so concurrently, and that too with a small team of enthusiasts. Hope someone from India takes a note and starts it out. Euro Books seems to have entered in the fray by publishing some 30 Phantom titles, but much of them are reprints as I was told. And the paper quality was also not to the standards of their earlier releases.

I had been to crowncomics since its inception. I don't want to be the spoilsport, for few comic enthusiastis to revive their old hobby... I don't think Editor Vijayan would take it lightly, after his recent Hotline. Let's hope all turns out better than bitter.

Rafiq this is comic World.Please let me know your mail id or mail me at comik.world@gmail.com


i am a new visitor to this blog and a regular subscriber to lion comics...

during my school days i remember reading some comics abt cisco and pancho... two cowboys based in the mexico/simillar locality... there was even a song... vetri veeran cisco, veerathi veeran cisco....

have these books been rereleased...

do we get lawrence david series also on lion ????

I just watched the Jaya TV news regarding Muthu comics on the crown comics site. Mr. Raghulan's interview was very nice.

This is really Cool !

I had the opportunity of visiting this blog sometime ago but did not leave a comment.

having been brought up on comics since late 70's, I refuse to grow up. Rathnabala, Muthu Comics, Indrajal were all that I could afford.

Tintin's were borrowed from a classmate of mine. The other fancy was about Richie Rich.

With two school children I still pamper myself with comics and movies (on DVD's of course).

Did you get to see the Jo, Zette, Jocko as well. These books by Herge also available off the shelf.

Best regards


P.S : Thanathu muyarchiyil satrum manam thalaratha Vikramadithan pol meendum varven !

Other than Lion/Muthu is there any Tamil comics coming in current?
I heard something like 'sutti comics'.
Is it a complemntry of "sutti - monthly" or its a seperate book?

MS07: With no offence, I guess you are still living in the 80's or 90's world.... There are no new series for Cisco Kid or Lawrence & David stories, as they don't seem to be the matter of interest for the current genre of readers. There is no news either about their publishers or writer/artists. So they are gone for good, and our local publishers like Lion/Muthu, have also found a new set of stories to keep their boat floating. By the way, if you go down the blogroll, you can find few mention of Comics Classics editions, and they are some occassional reprints of Lawarence & David stories, eventhough Cisco Kid is reduced only to those scarce Old Issues.

BN: Just found out the Jaya News Special on Tamil Comics, and have added that in the video section of this blog. It's a real eye opener, but it's long since I heard of Star Comics hogging bigger limelight, and there are no advancements on that front so far. It seems it is the boon of Tamil Comics.

Pathy: Good to see a comment finally from you. Looking forward for your involvement much more on our blog. Let me check out the other Herge Titles, soon.

Siva: Sutti Comics is a complimentary of Sutti Magazine, as you thought. They aren't mainstream, and not of interest to comic collectors.

Other than Lion/Muthu is there any Tamil comics coming in current?
I heard something like 'sutti comics'.
Is it a complemntry of "sutti - monthly" or its a seperate book?

Hi Raja any idea when the Iznogoud series starts ? And any possibility of more titles in the Lucky Luke series ? Also Euro books as released a large number of varied titles- quickand Flupke by Herge as well as some Commando comics- any news on how many titles of each they will comeout with ?

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