Comic Con Express – Bengaluru - 2012

Another year and another Express Event from Comic Con India. Our Pre-show coverage of the event in the Garden City.

Comic Con India – New Delhi - 2011

Get to know, more about India's first ever Comic-Con, how does it rate among the rest.

Chennai Book Fair - 2011

We catch up with the Annual Chennai Book Fair, and see what it has to offer for Comic fans.

Lion Comics Jumbo Special - XIII Collector's Edition

An inside look into a collection, touted as the biggest Comic Book released in India

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Oct 24, 2005

Comicology v2.0

I am proud to present you the next version of Comicology.  You would have noticed few changes to the blog layout and content over the last few weeks.  It's part of my continuous commitment to make the blog look more good and user friendly, and something I feel has added a great deal of professionalism to our blog.

This post will serve as the Help Page for Comicology 

Here, I have detailed some the new additions and changes to Comicology, broadly classified into 4 Sections: Main, Posts Body, Sidebar, and Tail-End describing each section which finds their presence in them.


Standard Resolution 1.1 Standard Resolution: Our earlier blog design, fit itself to the majority of the screen resolutions, by expanding or shrinking its size.  Obviously, though it benefited a few, we had to sacrifice on the layout and content position. 

As I could see from the Site Trackers, there are only 3% of people who still use a screen resolution lesser than 1024x768.  So, I decided to fix our blog layout to support 1024x768 and higher, which gives us a good control over the content display.

With Background1.2  Background-Image: As a result of the Resolution change, we will now have few areas left untouched on the screen.  I decided to replace the blank page in there, with some good comics related graphics, which will keep changing periodically. 

To avoid auto-image tile, this has been fixed to remain static when you scroll around the blog. Don’t be surprised, when a blank image will replace any picture, from time to time. After all, whatever fits the blog content, would be used :).

Flash Banner 1.3 Banner Flash: The Banner Flash Image below the Comicology Header, will list the most recent 5 comic posts on the blog.  It also serves as an teaser for those who want to subscribe for future posts, by providing a Feed Link.  You could use a wide variety of RSS readers to keep up-to date with Comicology.  Or you could still prefer the traditional way of Email Alert, by subscribing with your email-address.

Search & Links Bar 1.4 Search Bar: To quickly locate your desired content a Search Bar is placed exclusively right below the header. Search your desired text throughout Comicology, and reach the desired.

Also, just below the Search Bar, you will find the permanent Links to reach the Home Page, Help Page and Posts Bar, anywhere from the website.

SECTION 2: Post Body

Continue Reading 2.1 Continue Reading: To reduce load time, the home page, and all index pages will carry only a summary post, and link to read the complete post. This also helps in serving only the content which the reader wants to read, and also track user activity.

Share This Widget 2.2 Share/Add This Widget: Using this widget which is found just below the post, along with Labels section, you would be able to share your favorite post at Comicology, in many different ways.

Email, Digg, Twitter it, or do More by clicking the respective links found on this widget. Play around as you wish.

Post Navigation Bar 2.3 Posts Navigation Bar: This gives you a freedom to navigate to the Previous, Next Post pages from the current one. If it is an index page, then the navigation would give you the next or previous set of summary posts.

The Middle Home Icon, will always lead you to the Homepage, for quicker return.

SECTION 3: Sidebar

Recent ComicPosts3.1 Recent Comic-Posts: This section will list 5 recent posts, and can serve for a quick reference and pick.  There is a link to the Site Map at the end of the section, which will provide you a low down bibliography of all posts ever featured at Comicology, in a grouped fashion under various heads and categories.

Apart from the Posts, the Site Map also contains a Creators Section, and Character Profile links, with a link to the current comic publishers website and fellow comikers websites, listed to wrap up the page content.

Featured Post3.2 Featured Comic-Post: This section will frequently have the most popular post at Comicology for a given time period.

It will mostly carry the recent post which has received much hits or responses. Don’t forget to check on it, when you get a chance.

Comic Quotes 3.3 Comic Quotes: This section will randomly showcase a comic quote I have picked from the comic based movies, or graphic novels. There is an idea to group them in a separate archive page in the future, with a link to them available readily over here.

Twitter Updates 3.4 Twitter Updates: This section will help us a flash news reader, where I could update the latest happenings around in comics, like new newsstand notables, or newspaper articles, in an instant, and without a need to blog about in detail.

Comicology Leaderboard 3.5 Top Comic-Commenters: This widget will showcase the top list of 10 comikers, who have been more active recently by recording their valuable comments at Comicology. Due to blogger’s restriction only the recent 500 comments could be used to ascertain the leader-stats for this purpose. So, the race is on, for the top 2 or 10.

Subscriber and Linker 3.6 Email Subscriber: This widget provides an option for the comikers, to subscribe for news updates using their email. The same is available through the Posts Banner under the Header, but this gives you a shortcut to opt for email alerts alone.

Apart from that it also provides a link to Comicology’s Comics Blogroll, The Comix Planet.

SECTION 4: Tail-End

4.1 Posts Bar: Last but not least, the Posts Bar, which is an innovative idea to serve as a Dashboard for all Comic Posts at Comicology.

First Up, Coming Soon section, which gives you a preview on the next possible posts to be featured at Comicology, one each for English and Tamil Comics.
Posts Bar

The Recent Comic Post Updates, will list those posts from the past, which has recently updated with latest info and news.  Updation of older posts is a practice I have been following ever since I started the blog, so this section will give a highlight of recent 3 posts which have been modified to grab the comikers attention.

The Top Posts section will highlight the top 5 posts ever posted in Comicology, and a link to their individual blog post pages.  These are rated by an unique rating scale adopted by PostRank.  This will be useful to see what topics are of interest to the majority of the visitors, and lead new users to straight to those popular posts at Comicology.

4.2 Labels Cloud:  It's a new form of Label tags display, which will use colors and sizes to determine the most prominent labeled posts from the least ones.  I have added the Number of Posts also to the respective tags, so you could get a hands-on info without hovering onto it.  Click on these respective labels, and you will see all the posts tagged with the same at one shot.

Labels Cloud


I am hopeful, that you will find these changes to be pretty helpful.

I will continuously update this page, with all the new changes made to Comicology Blog.  Once again, welcome to the Version 2 of Comicology.

Please do leave your thoughts and comments about these Blog Layout and Content Updates, in the section below.  Also do let me know if you find any JavaScript issues or broken links anywhere on the blog.  As of this blog-post, it is 100% Error-Free.

And for those who want to post queries regarding subscription details and the availability of the books reviewed at Comicology, I suggest them to read the respective post fully, before posting any queries.  As most of the times the post is self-explanatory with the books availability and the necessary contact details.  This will also save me from responding to multiple redundant queries.

Let’s make Comicology, a better place to be for all Comikers. Together We Can.

Last Updated: 18 June 2009

Oct 23, 2005

Index of Comicology | Bibliography

English Comics
CineBook Euro Books Gotham / Virgin / Liquid Comics

01. Backlist Titles | 2008
02. Lucky Luke | 2008
03. Clifton #1-5 | 2008
04. Childrens Category | 2008
05. Thorgal #1-3 | 2008
06. Blake & Mortimer #1-3 | 2008
07. Largo Winch #1 | IR$ #1 | 2008
08. Green Manor #1 | 2008
09. Biggles Recounts | Rugger Boys | 2008
10. Backlist Titles | 2009
11. Madame Tussaud | 2008

01. Biggles | 14 Volumes | 2007
02. Spirou and Fantasio | 12 Volumes | 2007
03. Lucky Luke | 24 Albums | 2009
04. Iznogoud | 12 Albums | 2009 

01. Gotham Comics #40 | Jul 2007
02. Gotham Comics #41 | Aug 2007
03. Gotham Comics #42 | Sep 2007
04. Gotham Comics #43 | Oct 2007

Teshkeel / Vimanika Comics Others Media News

01. Teshkeel Comics- The 99 - #0-4 | 2008
02. Vimanika Comics: The Sixth | Moksha #0-1

01. Paradox - A History of Violence | 1997
02. Tara Press - Lucky Luke | 2007
03. Tinkle: Kalia | Suppandi | Shambu | 2007
04. Chandamama - Collectors Edition | 2008
05. Graphix - Bone #1 to #4 | 2008
06. Lee Falk’s Phantom-1: Origins of Ghost
07. Amar Chitra Katha – Mahabharata | 2007
08. The Dreamer by Will Eisner – Norton | 2008

01. Comics Hobby - Nov '08
02. Batman & Comic Break - Nov '08
03. Bone – Creator Visit to India - Nov '08
04. Next-Gen Epic – Times of India | Dec '08
05. Disney Comics back in India | Apr '08
06. Comics Bloggers making Waves | Jun '09

Tamil Comics
Lion Comics Muthu Comics Rani Comics

01. # 160 - Iznogoud | Apr 2000
02. # 200 - Cowboy Special | Jul 2007
03. # 201 - Modesty Blaise | Nov 2007
04. # 202 - Lucky Luke | Jan 2008
05. # 203 - Tex Willer | Jul 2008
06. # 204 - Tex Willer | Aug 2008
07. # 205 - Tex Willer | Nov 2008
08. # 206 - Phil Corrigan | Jul 2009

01. # 307 - The Saint | John Steel | Sep 2007
02. # 308 - John Steel | Apr 2008
03. # 309 - Nick Raider | Jul 2008
04. # 310 - Martin Mystery | Oct 2008
05. # 311 - Buck Ryan | The Saint | Feb 2008
06. # 312 - Mandrake | Aug 2009

01. Rani Comics – Rise and Fall | 1984-2005
Comics Classics Others Special Reviews (English)

01. # 22 - Steel Claw | The Spider | Jan 2008
02. # 23 - Barracuda | Johny Nero | Sep 2008
03. # 24 - Steel Claw | Jul 2009

01. Mehta Comics #20 – Monster | Nov 1985
02. Siruvar Malar – FlashBack | 1986
03. Survival - Siruvar Malar - 1 - 1988
04. Thigil Comics #56: Thirteenth Floor | 1992
05. Star Comics #1 - Bernard Prince | Apr 2007
06. Iceberg Comics #4 - Lucky Luke | Aug 2007

01. Let's Celebrate Comicology
02. 1st Year Anniversary & Comics News
03. Comicology v2.0 
04. Best of Year 2008 – Comicology Awards
05. 2008 Comics/Anim Movies Round-Up – I
06. 2008 Comics/Anim Movies Round-Up – II
07. Celebrity Comics: Ultimate Shower of Love I
08. Celebrity Comics: Ultimate Shower of Love II
09. 2nd Year Anniversary & Comics News

Comic Characters / Series
Franco-Belgian Genre Indian Genre British Genre

 Bernard Prince
Blake and Mortimer
Largo Winch
Lucky Luke
Madame Tussaud
Quick and Flupke
Rugger Boys
Scared to Death
Spirou and Fantasio
Yoko Tsuno

Kapil Dev
Shikari Shambu
Sunny The Supersleuth
The Sixth

Buck Ryan
Cisco Kid
 John Havoc
John Steel
Johny Nero
Max the Computer
Modesty Blaise
Steel Claw
The Saint
The Spider
The Thirteenth Floor

American Genre Others Schools of Arts

Bruce Lee
Donald Duck
Mickey Mouse
Phil Corrigan
The Phantom

Italian Genre

Martin Mystery
Nick Raider
Tex Willer

Arab Genre

The 99

Ligne Claire

Marcilleni School
The Men behind the Veil
(Creators / Writers / Artists)

Alan Grant
Alan Moore
Alfredo Castelli
Anant Pai
André Franquin
André Paul Duchâteau
Arnab Das
Aurelio Galleppini
Bernard Asso
Bernard Vrancken
Bob de Groot
Claudio Nizzi
Daniel Chauvin
Dilip Kadam
Deepak Sharma
Denis Bodart
Dheeraj Verma
Don Freeman
Edgar Jacobs
Eric Loutte

Fabien Vehlmann
Fabio Civitelli
Francis Bergèse
Frank Leclercq
Giancarlo Alessandrini
Giovanni Bonelli
Grzegorz Rosiński
Jack Monk
Jean Giraud
Jean Tabary
Jean Van Hamme
Jean-Michel Charlier
Jeff Smith
Jerry Siegel
Jesús Blasco
Joel Rideau
John McCrea
John Wagner
José Ortiz
Ken Bulmer

Lee Falk
Leslie Charteris
Luis Fernandes
Marcel Uderzo
Maurice De Bevere
Michel Oleffe
Naif Mutawa
Phil Davis
Phillippe Francq
Raymond Macherot
Raymond Moore
René Follet
René Goscinny
Robert Velter
Ron Wagner
Santiago Martín Salvador
Stephen Desberg
Vince Locke
W.E. Johns
Will Eisner

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Comics Publishers
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