Nov 27, 2007

Gotham Comics #43 - Oct '07

Did anyone hear the term "procrastination".  Well, if it sounds pretty new, as it did for me when I first heard about it, then you might want to have a look at the My Million Dollar Year's Procrastination Flow Chart.  I feel it reflects phases of me in there.  Well, the delay in my posting is purely due to procrastination.

The pace at which Gotham releases its monthly issues, is way far to my pace in blogging about its activities. What we have here is another instalment from Gotham Comics, set #43, as its October 2007 release.

By far, this month editions turns out to be the best since their re-launch, with almost all major titles featuring the acclaimed writers and artists (Adam Kubert, Grant Morrisson, Geof Johns, you need not wish anything bigger than this), with some innovative and contemporary storylines, and with that Gotham has answered to the critics who disposed their last set as under-par story selection. Hope the trend continues.

1. Superman #43
Last Son : Part 1
Writer: Geof Johns & Richard Donner | Artist: Adam Kubert
2. Batman #43
Batman & Son : Part 1 : Building a Better Batmobile
Writer: Grant Morrisson | Artist: Andy Kubert
Superman 43 Batman 43
3. Wonder Woman #4 4. Teen Titans #15
Beast Boys and Girls : Part 3 : Changelings
Writer: Geoff Johns | Artist: Tom Grummett
Wonder Woman 04 Teen Titans 15
5. Ultimate Spiderman #36
Hollywood : Part 4 of 6
Writer: Brian Michael Bendis | Artist: Mark Bagley
6. Incredible Hulk #32
Peace in our Time : Part 2

Writer: Daniel Way | Artist: Keu Cha
Ultimate Spiderman 36 Hulk 32
7. Wolverine #17
Agent of Shield : Part 2 of 6
Writer: Mark Millar | Artist: John Romita, Jr.
8. Astonishing X-Men #14
Writer: Joss Whedon | Artist: John Cassaday
Wolverine 17 Astonishing XMen 14
9. Fantastic Four #24
Writer: Mark Waid | Artist: Mike Wieringo
10. The New Avengers #27
The Sentry : Part 2
Writer: Brian Michael Bendis | Artist: Steve McNiven
Fantastic Four 24 Avengers 27
11. Batman Adventures #37
Writer: Bill Matheny | Artist: Christopher Jones
12. Fantastic Four Adventures #8
It's Slobberin' Time!
Writer: Jeff Parker | Artist: Manuel Garcia
Batman Advts 37 Fantastic Four Advts 08
13. Justice League Adventures #36

Writer: Adam Beechen | Artist: Ethens Beavers
14. Spiderman Adventures #8
Doom with a View
Writer: Sean McKeever | Artist: Mike Norton
Justice League Advts 36 Spiderman Advts 08
15. Devi #7
Sandeha : Part 7
Writer: Samit Basu | Artist: Aditya Chari
16. Snake Woman #7
Writer: Zeb Wells | Artist: Dean Hyrapiet
Devi 07 Snake Woman 07
17. The Sadhu #7
Writer: Gotham Chopra | Artist: Manikandan
Sadhu 07

As I write this review, Gotham since their re-launch have missed their first monthly issue set this November. There seems to be some kind of issues which the Editorial team is facing at the moment, which is clearly evident the way the October release was delayed until the last week of the month, and the same has continued to swallow away the November release all together.

Gotham Officials weren't available to make a comment on the delay, and we could only hope that they come back better and stronger. Indian Comics Fans deserve better than what is currently in offer.

UPDATE (Dec '07): It looks Gotham has purposefully withheld the Nov & Dec Set releases, as they are contemplating on a price rise coupled with some more value add to their existing line-up, and plan to launch them in the new year.  So, what's in store for us could only be unveiled in the Jan 2008.  Let's hope it's better than what's currently in offer.

UPDATE (Sep '08): I thought that I would provide another update, as the older was nearly a year old. So as to keep those visiting fans abreast of the latest developments in Gotham Comics front. To say more, it's completely bleak since they last stopped publishing. Gotham officials, both at their subscription or marketing department, have declined to comment on a possible return date for Gotham Comics in India.

The New Subscribers who received less than two sets, have been returned their subscription amount, citing that they will be re-announcing the subscription plans after re-launch. For those subscribers, like me, who have received more than two sets, it was instructed that we continue to wait for the re-launch. As of this date, there are no announcements or plans. With the increased attention towards the Virgin Comics venture in US of the Gotham Studios, It looks that it will take eons for them to refresh their enthusiasm to Indian market again. Let's hope for the best.

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It's already Jan '09.... do you have any update by any chance?

dPsychic: Thanks for digging in this topic from the archives. Incase if you haven't read my recent posts, Virgin Comics (the US name tag for the Gotham Comics in India) is now called Liquid Comics, after a management buyout by the promoters Sharad, Suresh, and Chopras, as Virgin walked out of the project. Their current focus seems to be holding onto the movie rights which they earlier were working out for Sadhu and Ramayana. See this post Next Gen Epics Newspaper Article.

So with the current focus and their business plan, it will be long before they even make a serious attempt to come back to the Indian Market. Poor me, I was one of the subscribers of the Gotham before they went into hibernation for the nth time, and I received only 2 or 3 sets into the subscription. So, for us there is no go other than wait for the probable announcement.

But for the rest of Comics fan, it is not the end to their passion. Infact, the Comics market is far better in India with lot of players. Click on CineBook, Euro Books, Tara Press, Graphix, Vimanika in the Tag Clouds below, and you will be astonished to see what's in offer for you.

Enjoy Reading, and if you are a Gotham fan, be ready to face a long wait. I do :).

Thanks for the quick reply.
And thanks for the info.
Actually I had never been a fan of American comics and was more into Japanese manga... and they are even more difficult to come across in India and also the cost is sky high...

Basically as far as i faced... Gotham Comics where the only publishers whose comics was easy to lay an hand on (non-subscribers)...

And I'm quite pumped up about Vimanika though...

But I just can't forget Gotham lolz... Have been downloading comics mostly and buying old DC Comics sometimes... though they are hard on the pocket...

Anyways thanks for the info... I'm going to the bookstores tomorrow to check out if I can lay hand on CineBook titles

Very sad to see the death of another super publisher whom we were running after to collect the hefty number of books published by them every month. It was indeed a very pleasurable experience collecting gotham.

@ ERB: The over-ambitious crowd at the top, got the better of the venture called Gotham Comics. 40+ titles, 10+ specials a month, was clearly an over-do, for a conservative market as witnessed in India.

I also remember those days when we were collecting huge sets of these titles every month from our Vendor, and I remember that I read every one of them by the time next set would arrive. Those were some wonderful time, even though it was not all rosy when it came to money part :(

Total titles published so far in gotham comics

Batman detective
Marvel presents
Batman adventur
Wonder woman
Ultimate spider
X men
Justice league
Spider girl
DC Comics
Superman adven
Scooby doo
Dexter’s lab
Power puff girls
Flintstones Jet
Cartoon cartoons
Thunder cats
X men Hidden
Uncanny X men
Amazing spiderm
Fantastic four
Dare devil & m n
Ult X men
Ult Fan four
Wolverine end
Green Lant
Astr X men
Teen titans
JLA An nail
Batman Returns
Spiderman India
Marvel age spider man
Batman scare
Bat villains
Tomb Dracula
House of Mys
Night crawler
Fan Four Adv
Spider Adv

Please give the total no of issues published so far in gotham in each title.

@ ERB: Will certainly work on that list as a separate post. The company which gave us so many DC/Marvel/Dark Horse titles, even though for a short duration, deserves that article for sure.

It's already Jan '09.... do you have any update by any chance?

The problem is I'm in Sri Lanka and we use to order comics from India, especially Gotham comics and ever since your'll stopped we've started ordering from USA, and they're more expensive than Gotham comics. I use to buy all my comic books from a bookshop in Sri Lanka caled Makeens bookshop. A comic only cost Rs50.

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