Jul 1, 2008

CineBook - Lucky Luke #1-10 | 2008

West Land | Price: INR 195 | Color | Pages: 50 | Size: A4 | Laminated/HardCover

The volume of CineBook releases in India by Westland makes it mandatory that I cover there releases in logical groups, and first-up on that list is our favourite Lucky Luke. 

There are no introductions needed for Lucky Luke in India, thanks to Tara Press, who launched a 5 issue set last year, which was covered in detail here at Comicology, along with the respective creator details.  While the Southern Indian Comics Readers are more familiar to the Lucky Luke titles through the Tamil Language Comics giant Lion Comics, which has published Lucky Luke titles for decades, though occasionally.

But, CineBook is the first publisher which has gone on printing Lucky Luke Series in an orderly and regular fashion, and that gave us a bunch of Lucky Luke titles at one shot.  While they are cover-priced at $11.95, they have been brought to sale in India, at a bargain price of INR 195/- by the Westland Publishers (subsidiary of Landmark Store Chain).  Seems they have taken the leaf out of the Tara Press and Euro Books pricing policy to get to the masses.  While the paper quality is not as thick as it was with Tara Press Lucky Luke Editions, they are nonetheless in quality either on prints or the package.

Lucky Luke #1: Billy the Kid Lucky Luke #2: Ghost Town
Lucky Luke 01 Lucky Luke 02
Lucky Luke #3: Dalton City Lucky Luke #5: In the Shadow of the Derricks
Lucky Luke 03 Lucky Luke 05
Lucky Luke #7: Barbed Wire on the Prairie Lucky Luke #8: Calamity Jane
Lucky Luke 07 Lucky Luke 08
Lucky Luke #9: Billy the Kid Lucky Luke #10: Tortillas for the Daltons
Lucky Luke 09 Lucky Luke 10

The Missing Pieces 4: Jesse James and 6: Ma Dalton, have already been released in India by Tara Press, which shows that Westland have taken enough care of not distributing those titles for which rights are held by Tara Press in India.  There were only 5 titles published every by Tara Press, and they promised more, but yet to release any more from their brand.

The future titles which have been advertised by CineBook are:

Lucky Luke 11: Western Circus : Jun '08
Lucky Luke 12: The Rivals of Painful Gulch : Aug '08
Lucky Luke 13: The Tenderfoot : Oct '08
Lucky Luke 14: The Dashing White CowBoy : Dec '08

Lucky Luke Future Titles

3 out of the 4 Issues advertised, have already been printed in India by Tara Press, so it means that we could only be receiving Issue #12: "The Rivals of Painful Gulch in India", through Westland, if they continue to release the CineBook back titles in India, which looks highly probable (we could take the inspiration from the Last Page Ad below). 

Lucky Luke Coming Soon Ad

UPDATE (06/09): There are some new Lucky Luke titles released as part of CineBook’s latest 2009 batch in India. For a list of them, refer to the CineBook 2009 batch list over here.

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Great posts Rafiq! Great work! Look fwd to the reviews.

BTW guys, do you know where we can search for used comics in Chennai? Old moore market? Any recommedations for shops that sell old comics. Rafiq, others?


It has recently been discovered that the originator of Lucky Luke was not Morris but an American, Arthur A. Dailey. For more information please see http://www.lybrary.com/arthur-dailey-photographs-lucky-luke-c-242_1139.html

N: Sorry for a late response, but Shops which sell Old Comics, are now a rarity of sorts in Chennai. The only place I frequent now is the Moore Market, which has some rare gems occassionally. Old Newspaper shops near the Suburb railway stations are something you might want to check out too.

Anony: Thanks for that link, and it provided me great news, which I will definitely cover, during our next Lucky Luke Comics review post at Comicology.

By the way, I would be happy if both of you decide to leave your name (or probably a nick name) when you visit next, so as to track your repeat visits.

Recently picked up "Lucky Luke Vol. 15: The Daltons in the Blizzard" by Cinebooks. Good pricing and decent quality. Keep them coming Cinebooks! :)

Did the 4 titles announced for publishing, come out or not? Luckily 3 of them were published by Tara press

AND what about the issue 15 Mr Anoymous mentioned about in the earlier post? IF it is true, then another 3 books would have accompanied with that, since they have the practice of releasing books in terms of 4.

Now we are ready for another ride with Lucky Luke on Euro books

@ ERB: CineBook is so particular in releasing only those titles in India, which were not published by anyone else before them over here.

So obviously the 3 editions of Tara Press were missed out, but we did get Lucky Luke 15, and also Lucky Luke 16 from CineBook releases. More on that in our 2009 batch post of CineBook over here.

As this post, only talks about the 2008 release, I haven't updated it over here. Please a look at the 2009 batch list post along with 2008 batch over here.

Hi all...

I'm the same "mr. anonymous" as posted regarding lucky luke issue 15 (above). Today I was overjoyed to find 19 out of 24 of the new Eurokid Lucky Luke comics at my local book store!

I picked them all up of course and am now hunting for the remaining 5 to complete my collection. I have been collecting Lucky Luke since I was very young and have several very old (1967-1969) editions in my collection.

Go get these books guys.

A big THANK YOU to Eurokids for releasing these comics here at such a great price....

Please keep them coming.... :)

Any idea if "Apache Canyon" has been released in India? It was scheduled for release in June 2009 by Cinebooks but I have been unable to locate it anywhere. Any help appreciated.

Yes Apache Canyon is released in chennai

There are 50 cartoons of Lucky Luke released in english elsewhere. Let us try who lays our hands on them first.

From IndiaPlaza.in website, got 3 , 3-in-1 books of lucky luke. Avoided buying Tamil Translated Lucky Luke. So i need to buy 1 more 3-in-1 series to finish the lucky luke collection. I am waiting to buy Iznogoud series from Eurobooks publishers

@ Anony 1: Any comics fan who grew up reading Lucky Luke is going to be overjoyed seeing those Euro Books Lucky Luke installments. A post previewing each of that title is already posted at our blog, over here.

I hope that Euro Kids / Euro Books, realizes their venture into a profitable account, so as to keep seeing them releasing these wonderful titles or series for all of us.

@ Anony 2: ERB has already answered your query. But, for future references to check on the availability of CineBook editions, kindly refer to 2009 stub, over here. The link to that post was given at the end of the post above.

In case, if you don't find any of your searched item in the 2009 list, then log your queries there. This post is only restricted to the comments and views related to 2008 Lucky Luke titles of CineBook, so I would like to strictly keep the comments related to that. This will also help me to organise the responses, respective to each post thread. Hope you will understand.

By the way, I would be happy if you choose a nickname during your next visit, so that I could know that I am talking to someone who has been here before, rather than treating you as Anony always. :)

@ ERB: Thanks for answering to Anony's query. By the way, as we spoke the other day it seems the list is only restricted to 20 English Cartoons of Lucky Luke. But as they, something is better than nothing :)

Eager to own the copies to these great Lucky Luke episodes too.

@ RAMG: Great Buys bro.... please log-in your comments in the Euro Book's Lucky Luke post at Comicology. Will help to track all views regarding that in one single post :)

I am delighted to stumble on this site after looking at 13 pages of google search for Lucky Luke. Thank you indeed for a great site. It is embarassing to learn that there are already Indian releases which I have not been aware of. Thanks again.

@ 10mpasali Your presence is my pleasure, my friend. There are more Lucky Luke editions, which are available in India. Kindly check for Euro Books on this same site, or explore the other CineBook backlists.... You will run out of money for sure... :)

By the way, love your nickname.... தமிழில் பத்தாம்பசலி தானே :)

Hi Comic lovers.
Got a friend that is selling a super collection.
He’s got about 100 binders – 40 tinkles, 15 chandamama’s, 50 indrajals and marvels and DC’2.
He said he’d settle for some crorish nuumbers.
He’s bound volumes (of indrajals),amd has 150+ with covers,below number 300.\
Reply on this blog.
Will be back.

I am delighted to stumble on this site after looking at 13 pages of google search for Lucky Luke. Thank you indeed for a great site. It is embarassing to learn that there are already Indian releases which I have not been aware of. Thanks again.

Any idea if "Apache Canyon" has been released in India? It was scheduled for release in June 2009 by Cinebooks but I have been unable to locate it anywhere. Any help appreciated.

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