Jun 10, 2008

CineBook - Backlist Titles | 2008

Marvel Super Heroes DC Super Heroes Indian Comics/Graphic Novels industry has traditionally been dominated by Western genre of Super Hero Comics from the stable of US based Marvel & DC.  The Supermans, Batmans, Spidermans have generated such euphoria in the country over the years that many publishers attempted to bring these titles over the years, with varying degree of success. 

Gotham Comics, for instance, have tried at least thrice so far to have a continuous run, with mixed success.  Their experiment, highlights that the volume of releases, doesn’t guarantee good response among comics enthusiasts, or comikers, as we term them over here at Comicology.

But Graphic Novels aren't only limited to the Golden, Silver, and Bronze Ages of Comics in US alone. There is much more to it, from the other side of the world. While the Superheroes dominated the Comics Biz in the US, a new kind of Comics and Story Art form originated from France & Belgium, starting the Franco-Belgian Comics revolution.  There were many famous characters which came out of this famed line-up, much famous of them and known to Indian Comic Fans with their direct publishing are: Tin-Tin, and Asterix.  But then again, they aren't the only ones available, as it is only a window to the wonderful world of Franco-Belgian Golden Era.

There are famous titles like: Lucky Luke, Biggles, Blueberry, etc. which by and large have been inaccessible to Indian Comic Fans.  Some Southern Indian Publishers like Lion Comics & Muthu Comics have published some of these titles, but they aren't regular and mainstream (as they are only in one southern Indian language).

CineBook - The 9th Art Publisher LogoWell, we finally have some publishing company who have set about to deliver these wonderful titles to English Speaking Countries.  CineBook, a UK based publishers, who call themselves as "The 9th Art Publishers", have come up with a vast array of titles from the Franco-Belgian Genre, translated into English.

Westland Distributors, a Subsidiary of Landmark Multi-Store Chains, partly owned by Tata Group, (read the media briefing about this venture here) have brought these titles at a bargain price to Indian Comic Fans.

The Surprising fact with the CineBook new releases, is that they contains releases dated as new as May 2008, and are available in India for a price as minimum as Rs.195 (an equivalent of little around $5, while they are originally priced as high as $12).  The company does seem to be going great guns with monthly releases (refer www.cinebook.com), and if the Low Pricing is the marketing strategy to spawn the English Speaking Countries, then it is a master strategy.

For any sales queries you may contact: Westland Books Pvt. Ltd., Tel: 044 42080417/18; Fax: 044 26642794; email: enq@westland-tata.com.  Thanks to Red for digging up the info, through CBO’s Terry Hooper.

Here is the complete list of CineBook comics available in India:
The Hyperlinks on the series title, will lead to the exclusive review pages for each of them at Comicology

Lucky LukeLucky Luke
INR 195 | Morris & Goscinny | 8 Titles

# 01: Billy the Kid
# 02: Ghost Town
# 03: Dalton City
# 05: In the Shadow of Derricks
# 07: Barbed Wire on the Praire
# 08: Calamity Jane
# 09: The Wagon Train
# 10: Tortilla for the Daltons

CineBook - The 9th Art PublisherThe Rugger Boys
INR 195 | Beka & Poupard | 2 Titles

# 01: Why Are We Here Again
# 02: A Spoonful of Style

BigglesBiggles Recounts
INR 195 | Various Artists | 2 Titles

# 01: The Falklands War
# 02: Battle of Britain

INR 195 | Groot & Macherot | 5 Titles

# 01: My Dear Wilkinson
# 02: The Laughing Thief
# 03: 7 Days to Die
# 04: Black Moon
# 05: Jade

Yakari Yakari
INR 195 | Job & Derib | 3 Titles

# 03: Yakari and the Beavers
# 04: Yakari and the Grizzly
# 05: Yakari and the Stranger

INR 195 | Clarke & Gilson | 2 Titles  

# 01: Hocus Pocus
# 02: Halloween

INR 195 | Gieter | 2 Titles

# 01: The Ramases Revenge
# 02: Imhotep's Transformation

INR 195 | Zidrou & Godi | 2 Titles

# 01: King of the Dunces
# 02: In the Corner

TsunoYoko Tsuno
INR 195 | Leloup | 2 Titles

# 01: On the Edge of Life
# 02: Time of Spiral

Green ManorGreen Manor
INR 195 | Vehlmann & Bodart | 1 Title

# 01: Assasins & Gentlemen 

Scared to DeathScared to Death
INR 195 | Mauricet & Vanholme | 1 Title

# 01: The Vampire from the Marshes

MortimerBlake & Mortimer
INR 250 | Jacobs | 3 Titles

# 01: The Yellow M
# 02: The Mystery of Great Pyramid Part 1
# 03: The Mystery of Great Pyramid Part 2

Thorgal Thorgal
INR 350 | Hamme & Rosinski | 3 Titles

# 01: Child of the Stars
# 02: Three Elders of Aran
# 03: Beyond the Shadows

WinchLargo Winch
INR 350 | Hamme & Francq | 1 Title

#01: The Heir

INR 350 | Desberg & Vrancken | 1 Title

#01: Taxing Trails

MargotQueen Margot
INR 250 | Cadic & Derenne | 2 Titles

# 01: The Age of Innocence
# 02: The Bloody Wedding

TussaudFascinating Madame Tussaud
INR 350 | Duchâteau & Follet | One Shot Title

By referring to the CineBook website, it looks that only one series is not released by CineBook as part of their Backlist issues.  That was a series named The Wind in the Willows, which seems to have been published in UK with a limited run.

And what’s more, they seem to be going great guns with the following series scheduled for 2008 & beyond.


by Tabari & Goscinny

by Cauvin & Lambil
by Cauvin & Laudec

by Leo

by Renard & Jigounov
ScorpionThe Scorpion
by Desberg & Marini
LadySLady S
by Hamme & Aymond

by F.Bergése 
Much of the Biggles series by Bergese and others have been published by Euro Books India in 2007. Read more about them here.

So, we are in for a lot more of Franco-Belgian Era, then we ever hoped for. I am much more interested in Iznogoud and Van Hamme titles, but won’t say NO for the others.

As it turns out that our old friend Terry Hooper has been covering the CineBook titles right from their inception on his ComicBitsOnline blog.  And he has some wonderful blog posts on the same with his reviews.  Here are some:

Enjoy those articles, and be back with Comicology, as we are going to go down reviewing each of these wonderful titles one by one here, in the months to come. Strap On, as we zoom past though the Wonderful world filled with Comics.

25 ComiComments:

Any new releases from Eurobooks recently after Quick and Flupke bu Herge. Thanks guys! Picked up the cinebooks releases...

Thanks for the information, got those Lucky Luke comics published by Cinebooks.

Largo Winch and Thorgal graphic novels, written by Jean Van Hamme (XIII writer)also available there...
I wonder why Prakash publishers have not published those comics in Tamil..

Would you write about those graphic novels too?

Mahesh kumar

Thanks Mahesh. Rafiq and others, do you folks know if the Largo Winch/Thorgal are also by cinebook. I saw only one book of Largo Winch. Are there more?

Yes they are from CineBooks too... infact, the entire lot were all from CineBooks. IR$, Largo Winch, Thorgal all were available in multiple issues.... but they are priced at 350 each, so I haven't bought them yet... But have grabbed all other editions, and will update this blog shortly with other details.

The IR$, Largo Winch and Thorgal series are priced higher because they are double volumes; each volume contains 2 books.

Cinebook is careful to distribute only where other publishers don't already hold the English-language distribution rights.

Thanks Rafiq, I have the Largo Winch volume 1: The heir. Interesting to see when the other volumes get released. Thanks folks

Gracias rafiq .for the update on cinebooks.


This input was excellent. I went across to the bookstore immediately after the chat that we had and grabbed all that I could afford. After many years I find that good things are happening on the comics front. Rs 195 seems to be a good price point.

Thanks a ton !

I hope and pray that I don't invite you home in the next few weeks. My wife is mad at me and the other fellow who tipped me on the availability of these books.

hi Rafiq,
I'm srini Nice job. keep up the good work.
From where you got all those cinebooks.thrugh online or from book store?
i'm in bangalore.

Site http://lioncomics.tripod.com

I regularly review Cinebook on CBO and there is even an interview there with publisher Olivier Cadic. The Cinebook sales are great both in the UK and world wide and you can see the current list of publications at the Cinebook web site [a link on the CBO blogroll].

Oivier had a set plan for publishing starting with the "junior" books and have now produced Thorgal,IRS,Largo Winch and the best-selling Green Manor.

There is a plan for more albums each year and it looks like Cinebook is here to stay!

So far lion publication has released only 3 books for the year of 2008.
Lion comics - 1 out of 6
Muthu comics - 1 out of 6
CC - 1 out of 2 (Totally 3 out of
We are facing a very hard time with our comics reading habit.
Could any body close to Mr. Vijayan can explain the present situation.

Hi Rafiq,

Some of these european comics are great. Can you give a brief review about these comics? Which all are suitable for adults and which are not.

My reviews:
Lucky luke - I hope all (y)our blog readers know about him..

Largo Winch - I found it's quite interesting as like XIII.

IR$ - Not that much gripping story line...

Most of the comics listed by you in this article are not known to us..
Would you please give a brief review about the comics listed below?

The rugger boys
Yoko Tsuno
Black & Mortimer

With Warm Regards,
Mahesh kumar

Hi Raja can you let us know what stores stock them ? I cannot seem to get them in stores in Mumbai, so a list of Chennai stores might help me track them,

Or in the comics are there any Indian website/ email id in the comics to try and chase the comics for the non Chennai folks ?

thanks in advance


Erica Thanks, with your note I have collected the other double issues of Cinebook, and they turned out to be a wonderful collection. Good to see a comment from someone in the Publishing Industry. Do come back often to share the readers with your expert opinions.

Pathy: Hmm... a Nice way to escape out on a treat for the tip. :) Anyways, nice to be of help in collecting these vintage titles.

Terry: Welcome back. I just happened to visit to your blog while searching for Cinebook, and found your reviews on them. Would collate them when I update this blog topic.

Siv: In Comics Business any Publisher not only needs passion but a good acumen to consider it as a profit making business. Vijayan doesn't seem to be interested enough to revive the Tamil Comics Industry, inbetween his mainstream job. So, don't expect much from him. You can keep your Comics Passion alive by moving onto other titles like Cinebooks, eventhough they aren't going to be available on Tamil.

Mahesh: I did collect all the available Cinebook titles as noted above, and will update the blog with the reviews shortly.

Red:The Only Store Chain in Chennai which houses these Cinebook titles is Landmark. I see that they have branches in Mumbai too... Do browse and pick them up.

Cinebooks seem to have been distributed directly in India by the UK publishers, hence no info on any Indian Contacts over here. Maybe Erica could be of help in getting those contacts.

Hey checked out Landmark Mumbai just this Sunday - no go- apart from the Tara Press Lucky Luke nothing else, no cinebooks Lucky Lukes and even their online website ( landmarkonthenet.com) does not have them. Yakari and Ducoboo and some Cliftons feature on their website ( but were not in stock in Mumbai) but most of your lisiting on this blog are not featuring in their online site- So Erica help would be appreciated !


Got the indian distributor for Cinebooks- It's a branch of landmark itself.

Westland Books Pvt Ltd. The details are:
Tel: 044 42080417/18
fax; 044 26642794

email; enq@westland-tata.com


Good detective work, Anonymous! I got behind in my blog reading.
I'll be happy to contribute other info if I can. :-)

Received Lion Comics "Maranathin Munnodi" Tex Willer adventure Part 1 on today....


The post has now been updated with links to the various exclusive review pages at Comicology, on all the CineBook titles listed over here. Enjoy Reading !!

I have recently decided to buy the cinebooks and was wondering what titles they have so far published. Now on this page I found the abstract of what I wanted. It is indeed so helpful for such friendly posts for comic fans, who would like to see and collect their favourite comics. The otherway round, there is chance for missing out several titles and to run around for them. Good work

@ ERB: Believe me, I felt the need for it when I was shopping for comics for my ownself. Most of the bookstores, distributors, or the comics publishers themselves don't give you a complete lists of titles available in their kitty. Not even on their official websites.

So, I am happy that this kind of posts at Comicology, with the list of comics available in batches, would help all those aspiring comikers, who want own them in their collection. You being among them, is my sweetest achievement :).

I have decided to buy Lucky luke 10 titles, Blake & Mortimer - 3 titles, Clifton 5 titles

@ ERB: Great to know that ERB. Hopefully, you aren't revealing my name to your household members, as a reason for your new buys on Comics.

I am already having enough envy from fellow Comiker's household :)

Got the indian distributor for Cinebooks- It's a branch of landmark itself.

Westland Books Pvt Ltd. The details are:
Tel: 044 42080417/18
fax; 044 26642794

email; enq@westland-tata.com


Gracias rafiq .for the update on cinebooks.

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