Dec 25, 2008

Vimanika Comics - The Sixth | Moksha | #0-1 | 2008

Do you remember the last time we covered an Indian based Comics initiative at Comicology?  Well if you had been following Comicology regularly, that was back at the end of 2007, the time until which Bangalore based Gotham Comics were releasing their Virgin Branded Comics in India. 

The Sixth: #0Like their in-numerous attempts earlier, they went into hibernation ever since, and we were reduced to be reliant on the remaindered stock from European, Franco-Belgian, and American genre all the while.

The wait is no more, as we have a new player in the Comics/Graphic Novels biz in India, Vimanika Comics, which has made their foray with their two pilot series, The Sixth and Moksha

Vimanika Comics is the brainchild of its Mumbai based, entrepreneur, Karan Vir Arora.  Karan explains that he always had dreamt and visualized these concepts right from his childhood, which was instrumental in him digging down the mythological aspects to form his launch-pad characters. 

No wonder, why he has named his comic brand as Vimanika, as that’s the name of an early 20th century Sanskrit text, called Vimanika Shastra, talking about the construction of mythical ‘chariots of gods’.

Moksha: #0

Karan adds, “The objective of Vimanika, is to simultaneously impart knowledge as well as entertain the readers with exciting graphics and visual play, while understanding our roots with the mythology.” 

Assisting Karan on his mission, is a team of 20 members, who have been bolstered by the joining of Dheeraj Verma (billed as the first-ever Indian artist credited by Marvel), as one of the partners of Vimanika. Dheeraj is one of the famous artists from India, who is known for his work with Indian based Raj Comics, who rose to some fame when he worked for a US comics publishing company, for a short period.

As in the tradition of the new generation comics, the team has come up with Issue #0, which is a double-intro issue of both The Sixth, and Moksha.  Arnab Das takes care of the script-writing, while the artwork is at the hands of Deepak Sharma, Dheeraj Verma, and Sheetal. 

The Sixth: #1The Sixth, starts its roots from the Indian epic Mahabharata, where the scene takes us to the time when Karna was killed in battlefield, where we get to visualize is mindset as he nears his end. 

The scene then moves onto focus on NRI Karan Vir (I believe, Karan couldn’t stop himself from his childhood dreams of naming a comic character on him) who runs a business conglomerate in America. 

Moksha: #1As it is portrayed, he is the re-incarnation of Karna in the modern world, who is haunted by the images of Karna and his life-traverse, in his dreams.

The story follows his exploits to understand its roots, while he moves to his roots in India, following his mind-trail.

Moksha, has a different setting altogether, which is conceptualized in a unexplored time-space between two famous Indian epics, Ramayana and Mahabharata. 

It’s a double-hero storyline, following two most powerful Indian mythical legends Parashurama and Hanuman, picking up from where their stories are left untold, and re-imagining it with some fiction.  Dheeraj has personally taken the ownership of re-shaping the plot-work and characterization of Moksha.  

Look at the breathtaking artwork exhibited in the Issue 1 of the series.  The plot-work follows the storyline, as it is told either by the protagonist or the narrator.

Sample Artwork from “The Sixth”
Sample Artwork from “The Sixth”
Sample Artwork from “Moksha”
Sample Artwork from “Moksha”

Thus we get a chance to peek-in to the minds of the character which gives us a first-hand account of the action as it happens.  The plot is aptly assisted by the Artists, who breath life to the concept with the exhibition of art, colour and inking, not seen so far in Indian Authentic Comics.  (It was once promised by erstwhile Virgin Comics, before it was reduced to a state of oblivion).

At Comicology, we always try to have a balance in our review, so as to not be biased towards a certain publisher.  To live up to that promise, I can’t help, but mention about the few glitches I noticed in the first instalments of Vimanika:

  • Some panels of the art, look and appear pretty flat, which let’s down the incredible work on other panels. I expect these to be strengthened as renowned artist Dheeraj has assumed the lead role now.
  • There are few grammatical errors in the sentences, which catch your eyes as you flip through the pages.  Something which should have been avoided, when you are targeting an International audience.
  • We can’t ignore the fact that there is a little over-use of religion in some of the panels.  While, I agree that while digging through the Indian mythology, we are bound to side with the early beliefs, but shouldn’t they be made in a way which could be shared among a common base, which are toed together by a unique and far greater interest towards Comics?  I hope, that as we progress further through the series, this would be subdued to make it more generic with the present world, while retaining the essence of the original plot.

With that said, I must also credit the team of Karan and Dheeraj for their effort to breath new life to Indian Comics; where the other players safely distance themselves from the risk associated with original creative work, by utilising the borrowed content from already established Western players and brands. 

The pricing is also attractive (INR 40), as a same quality edition from an International publisher is normally priced over INR 100.  That’s the advantage of housing your publication in the country, where your targeted audience is.

The Issue #1 is currently on stands (Landmark, Crossword, etc.), and if you want to get a head-start you can always browse through the digital version of #0 available on  The subscribers do get a hard-copy of this issue, by means of which I obtained mine.  Grab them if you want to witness the revolution in Indian Comics industry.

Look at the “who-is-who” of show-biz who attended the launch party of Vimanika.  Karan Vir does know some big shots :).

Vimanika’s Launch in Mumbai 
In Pic: RanVijay (VJ), Darsheel Safary (Actor), Milind Soman (Model/Actor), and Karan Vir

Vimanika is no stranger to the hurdles faced by other other Comics initiatives, as they have so far launched only 2 sets (which includes the Intro series #0).  Their original plan was to make Vimanika’s series as a bi-monthly edition, but Karan explains that they were holding on their releases for that to be available across stands in India and other foreign locations at the same time, by bolstering their distribution network.  They appear to have achieved that feet, as their Issue #2, is slated to be released in India, US, and Europe, simultaneously.

On a final call, unlike any of its predecessors, Vimanika Comics can safely be terms as the only Comics brand which can call themselves as the “First Indian International”.  I am aware that, this statement might create ripples among die-hard Comicologists.  But save those emotions, as I have a strong case to prove the point. 

There is no doubt that Diamond, ACK, and Raj Comics, were the forerunners of Indian based Comic characters, but did they ever make a serious attempt to go global?  Let’s look at their contributions: 

  • Amar Chitra Katha (ACK), the whistle-blower inspired by Anant Pai, has now been reduced to reprints/republishing of their erstwhile stable.
  • Diamond Comics, even after boasting a superior distribution network, never really came out of the Pran Era, and still continue to target the young kids market.
  • Raj Comics, did introduce a stable of Indian Superheroes, and continue to publish their adventures.  But their long-time focus of catering to a single-language audience, and not so-creditable plot-work, have always restricted them from penetrating beyond their local base.
  • Virgin Comics, though the first to have really made an attempt to go international with some Indian origin, were actually controlled by Foreign authors and Creative team.  Which took the sheen out of their so called Original Indian concept.
    Then on, they went out of their initial focus, and tried to imitate Marvel and DC line of characters. The the result of which is there to see, with their present status.
    (For the starters, Virgin Comics management has now changed hands from Virgin, to its Indian visionaries, under the new brand as Liquid Comics, and their current focus seems to be holding-on with the movie rights of Sadhu and Ramayana, which was in pipelines earlier).

That brings us to the end of this post, and as a gift for those who read through this lengthy review, here is the Preview of what’s in store for you in the Issue 2 set of Vimanika, which is slated for 2009 release.  Good times are ahead us.

That brings us to the end of this post, and as a gift for those who read through this lengthy review, here is the Preview of what’s in store for you in the Issue 2 set of Vimanika, which is slated for Jan’09 release.  Thanks to Karan for providing the inputs for the synopsis exclusively to Comicology, and I am eagerly looking forward for receiving my subscription copies.

The Sixth #02: Friend or Foe - Teaser
Sixth 02 Teaser 

Follows the exploits of KV as he goes back in the memory lane during his trip to India. Does this lead to him to discover his own self or did he bargain for more than what he could asked for?

Moksha #02: The Forsaken Returns - Teaser
Moksha 02 Teaser

The Forsaken prince from the Hell returns to stake his claim and does he has anything to do with the evil wrapping around the two legends Parashurama and Hanuman?

That’s not all, Karan also adds that he is working on a special double sized issue on The Legend of the Karna, from the epic Mahabharata, scheduled for the new year.  And for those prying eyes which has noticed Dashavatar in the Launch pic, that’s their next major series in pipeline.  Indian Comic fans are in for a big treat, to say at least.

So, am I not right to call Vimanika with the anecdote of “First Indian International” ? Well, It’s for me to presume, and yours to debate; for which I would be eager to read your views, along with your thoughts about this post on the new player in Comics World.

Book Facts
Vimanika Edutainment | Price: INR 40 | Pages: 32 | Color | Size: B5 | Laminated/SoftCover

30 ComiComments:


நம்முடைய காமிக்ஸில் ஒரு அடிப்படை குறைப்பாடு என்னவென்றால், நம் புராணங்களை சற்று ஓவர்டோஸாக கலந்து விடுவதுதான். நீங்கள் குறிப்பிட்டிருக்கும் காமிக்ஸை இன்னும் வாசிக்கவில்லை.

புராணங்களின் பின்ணணியில் நல்ல கதையுடன் நிச்சயமாக உலகத்தரத்திற்கு நம்மால் காமிக்ஸை படைக்க முடியும்.

சற்று மெனக்கெட்டிருந்தால் Fire Finger CID உலக அளவில் புகழ் பெற்றிருப்பார். என்ன செய்வது?

நல்ல பதிவு, பாராட்டுகள்.

நண்பர் ரஃபிக்,
மீண்டும் ஓர் சிறந்த பதிவு , புராணக் கதைகளில் உள்ள பாத்திரங்களை மையமாக கொண்டு அற்புதமான சித்திரங்களுடன் ஓர் காமிக்ஸ்.

அதிலும் மாவீரர்களான அனுமனதும் , பரசுராமனதும் பாதைகளை இணையவைப்பது என்னை கற்பனைகளின் ஜன்னல்களை திறக்க செய்கிறது .
சில மாதங்களின் முன்பாக ராமகிருஷ்ணனின் "உப பாண்டவம் " படித்தேன், பாரதத்தில் சில பாத்திரங்களை தன் அற்புதமான எழுத்துக்கள் மூலம் புதிதாக வார்த்திருப்பார். அக்கதயையும் , நீங்கள் ஸ்கேன் செய்துள்ள போன்ற சித்திரங்களையும் என் மனதில் நான் ஓடவிட்டேன் . கிடைக்கப்போவது
ஓர் அற்புதமான சித்திர நாவலாகும். இதனை தமிழ் உலகிற்கு யார் வழங்க முடியும் ? கனவுகள் தான் எவ்வளவு இனிமையானவை.

உற்சாகத்துடன் தொடருங்கள்


hey but what about the graphic novel covers i gave u ?thought u would put them up too?lol u know your job better .:)

Vimanika Comics

Nice post rafiq....BTW did Cine Books release Green Manor Vol.2 (have been waiting for it)??? I really loved the toony drawing style


After the Tele-Phonic conversation we had regarding this comics, i've seen this in the nungambakkam Landmark bookshop. However, as the other the new comics, this one also failed to impress me much.

May be my resistance towards the new age comics has to do something towards this. anyhow, let us welcome this comics and hope they do well.

Thanks and Happy New Year to you.
King Viswa.
தமிழ் காமிக்ஸ் உலகம்

நல்வாழ்த்துக்கள் தோழர் சமுகத்திர்க்கு

மிகவும் அருமையாக இருந்தது. வெகு விரைவில் நானும் ஒரு பதிவை இட்டு விடுகிறேன்.


Interesting stuff.That's all I can say for the time being.I really don't comment on a comic line unless either a storyline is completed or a sufficient number of issues are out,but I can simply say that the line is interesting.Virgin,though controlled by international brand,made a worthy attempt to mix indian talent with the western market,as can be seen by the many contributors to each comic,like MUKESH SINGH on GAME KEEPER(GUY RITCHIE/ANDY DIGGLE),ASHISH PADLEKAR on WALK IN(DAVE STEWART),SHEKHAR KAPUR on SNAKE WOMAN(ZEB WELLS) while we have satisfactorily noted primarily indian talent on SADHU & DEVI.
VIMANIKA,in contrast works specifically with indian talent.It will be a great feat to expand the indian market overseas,which is why I'll follow the issues,at the same time maintaining a wait & watch attitude.
I do hope KARAN VIR plans to release the issues in TPB format though,as I'm almost entirely a TPB reader

பங்கு வேட்டை நண்பரே: சரியாக கூறினீர்கள். ஏனோ புராணங்களை அடிபடையாக கொண்டு உருவாகும் கதைகளில் அதை அதிகமாக கலப்பது நம்மவர்களுக்கு கை வந்த கலையாகி விட்டது. ஆனால் அக்கலாதில் ஆனந்த் பாய் போன்றவர்கள் சரியான விகிதத்தில் இதை மக்களுக்கு எடுத்து சென்றார்கள். அவரை பின்பற்ற இப்போது ஆட்கள் இல்லை என்பதே உண்மை. புதியாதாக தொடங்கி உள்ள பல காமிக்ஸ் பதிப்பாளர்கள் ஒரு மாற்றத்தை கொண்டு வருவார்கள் என்று நம்புவோம். Fire Fingre'o Fish Finger'o.... உங்கள் நகைச்சுவைக்கு அளவே இல்லை போங்கள்.

ஷங்கர்: சித்திரங்களின் தரம் உண்மையிலே vimanika வில் சிறந்தது. கனவுகளின் காதலனான உங்கள் கற்பனை திறனுக்கு அளவு கோள் ஏது? விமானிக்க பதிபகதினர், அவர்கள் புத்தகங்களின் வரவேற்ப்பை பொருத்து மற்ற இந்தியா மொழிகளிலும் அவற்றை வெளியிட எண்ணி உள்ளார்கள். பார்போம் அவர்கள் பயணம் எப்படி அமைய போகிறது என்று.

KV: Thanks for a comment from the visionary of Vimanika Comics. I would have been happy if you had also provided your answers to the critics mentioned about your comics in the post. Hopefully, you will answer them with your next upcoming issues.

Toonfactory: Thanks for your comment. Cinebook did release GM 2, but it is yet to reach India. If you had noticed my next comic post will be about Green Manor only, and that is one of my modern day favorite.

Viswa: Long time since I saw you a comment in any of Comicology posts. I agree with your viewpoint, and I was in the same stead, until my comic reading habit was largely reduced with the long absence of Lion/Muthu Comics and their irregular releases. So, I have learned to adopt to the newer generation of comics, but still maintaining the taste to choose the best from the lot. Vimanika is yet to achieve their stature, and they are still in its infant state. Hope you would make your presence in other posts, where your valuable comment is missing too.

Aalok: Thanks for your return visit and comment. I agree that I am not a great fan of monthly series or continuation storyline, as I am more happy to hold them in one piece as a TPB. But, we need t understand one point in this factor, that Vimanika is at an infant state, and for a level of reaching TPB, it first needs buyers to its monthly issues. Good or Bad, our critics and comments will what make them succeed in their mission. For the sheer reason that they are the first Indian Comics group initiative, I believe we should support them, by buying their editions. Which might probably push them to be more regular in their monthly releases. That said, as I explained before, I still believe that they have a long way to go before reaching a stature.

You are absolutly right Rafiq ,

1-The comics on the whole will have more renowned or Ace Artists working on them like Dheeraj does u will see a decrease in a flat feel and see more quality.

2-No grammitical Mistakes cause as i mentioned to you we have Renowned very renowned Ex Editior of Marvel Comics working on the issues including the 02 issue -Nel Yomtov

3-and yes a strong point there Rafiq they will be more Global thn religious more Spiritual thn focused on only one caste or creed on the whole more relatable because we want to be more global too!!

Guys btw we are now Available in U.K too!

and we sold out in one of the biggest stores in the New York!!!

Om Namaha shivaye
Vimanika Comics

Sounds interesting... will give it a try... though it may take some hard work to find them in Calcutta i guess

Why dont you try Landmark to start with ?:)

V Comics

I just tried out the subscribe page on the Vimanika website and i got reply back as:

"Following are the Enquiry Details

Date:1/8/2009 10:43:19 AM (EST)

Subscription Type:The SIXTH for one year

MOKSHA for one year
-- and my details"

Is this is what should have been the reply. I mean is that was what all of you got back as a reply?

The subscription pack is too kinda weird.
1 year pack is charged at INR 500 whereas single issues on stalls would be INR 40 and no specials or anything has been mentioned.

I think Karan, if you just revamp the subscription page a bit it'd be better for the users.

Sorry fr tht slight mistake on tht page we r checking tht out and will be changed tom

The real Present Prices below:-

moksha-1 yr-340/-
moksha 2yrs 680/-

the sixth 1 yr -340/-
the sixth 2yrs -680/-

shipping prices included

and yes thts the answer u get whn u subscribe we have already got your details :)

Karan Vir
vimanika comics

Heah Karan, I paid INR 1000 for both Sixth & Moksha before through a1books, so I believe it is for 2 full year subscriptions, which includes 12 issues of Moksha & 12 Issues of Sixth, considering that you planned them as bi-monthly editions. Please confirm.

So, as per the New pricing you have hiked up the subscription charges and also have included Shipping. I believe that will be too high an amount to be paid by a subscriber. Generally, all comics publications provide free shipping, and the price of the issues are lesser than the On-Stands MRP. If you would like your subscribes base to grow, then this is the only option.

And I believe more than the book stores, a subscriber base makes or breaks a magazines success. So you have to plan to give them a better deal than what you give for the bookstores.

well as my above post

The real checked prices have been added to the website.

and if u paid 1000 for 1 yr moksha and the sixth dont worry your actual was 680/- because of this error u will get more than 12 issues worth 320/- which is your left balance who ever paid tht much it would be same for them :

So need to worry guys :)

V comics

i meant no need to worry lol;)


Guys, has anyone taken the trouble to actually read this stuff, esp. The Sixth? I found apalling typos (yes, even in the credits) which is really unpardonbale.

Forgive them (K Vir and Co.) O Stan Lee, for they do not know...:)

Also these Vimanika guys are strange. They get suckers (read scriptwriters and artists) to send in sample works, steal ideas and then cleverly adopt these as their own. :)

So be warned, all you guys out there. because their policy is Bhejo free, lelenge FREE.:)

and who in their right minds would want to read this ancient stuff?

Anony: I can see that there is some truth behind your messages. For instance, I was really irritated to see that there are still some spelling mistakes in the second edition of vimanika. The guys are indeed doing so much effort to release there issues, and with that amount of time, they should really have looked into keeping it error free. Seeing them on Credits Page, and Vimanikopedia sections were very really bad, to say the least. I had expressed my reservations on the same topic in this very post, and I guess they have improved only marginally in the next set.

On the other side, I did hear earlier about the allegation that vimanika has been using or misused other creators content, without proper credits. As much as I despise it, without proper proof of the same, and also because the Third Party point of view, It would be rude for me to comment. So, I will leave it to the Comicologists to make a call, with their conscious.

Vimanika is still a long way to establish themselves as good players in Comics Biz. They have a lot of blemishes still in their armory, like prolonged delay in releases, spelling and grammatical mistakes, unattractive subscription plans. Hopefully, they keep sorting themselves better and better with their next sets, and do it faster, as I believe they will be judged by what they delivered, then what they promised.

rafiq: The alegation abt miuse is firsthand as a couple of my frijneds haqd responded earlier to the advts seeking 'creative teams'. They sent in stuff and had them rejected, only to see similar stuff coming out of the woodwork (read: K Vir studio)
Seems the big shots with money can get away with anything. well, thats the way of the world, (despite the high morals that thses guys preach). as long as there are stupids who dont mind spending money on rubbish, guys like these will prosper. AMEN!

Anony: I meant myself, when I referred as 3rd Party. I have heard the allegations, from others, and in some forums too. But, since I was never involved or been in touch with anyone who shared the feeling personally, I couldn't comment on the same. But, I agree there won't be a smoke, without some fire. So, I will leave it to the readers to decide.

At the same time, I don't agree with you calling the readers as what you named. If they like the comics, they buy it. We don't need to judge them, neither we are asked to. Let's give them some respect, for their decisions.

This comment has been removed by the author.

@ Archana: The Best person to answer on the US availability would be Karan Vir of Vimanika, himself.

You can write to him @ karavir AT gmail DOT com. He actively responds to queries on the issues availability.

Rafiq my friend you can also provide my company email id

Pals, A review post on the #2 issue set of Vimanika, is now online at Comicology, which you can read over here : Vimanika's Moksha & Sixth #2. Happy Reading !!

Also these Vimanika guys are strange. They get suckers (read scriptwriters and artists) to send in sample works, steal ideas and then cleverly adopt these as their own. :)

So be warned, all you guys out there. because their policy is Bhejo free, lelenge FREE.:)


நம்முடைய காமிக்ஸில் ஒரு அடிப்படை குறைப்பாடு என்னவென்றால், நம் புராணங்களை சற்று ஓவர்டோஸாக கலந்து விடுவதுதான். நீங்கள் குறிப்பிட்டிருக்கும் காமிக்ஸை இன்னும் வாசிக்கவில்லை.

புராணங்களின் பின்ணணியில் நல்ல கதையுடன் நிச்சயமாக உலகத்தரத்திற்கு நம்மால் காமிக்ஸை படைக்க முடியும்.

சற்று மெனக்கெட்டிருந்தால் Fire Finger CID உலக அளவில் புகழ் பெற்றிருப்பார். என்ன செய்வது?

நல்ல பதிவு, பாராட்டுகள்.

awesome international standard but genuinely indian

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