Aug 1, 2007

Star Comics #1 - Bernard Prince | Apr '07

Finally, I have decided to kick-start my long time ambition to start a Comics blog. The blog has been existent from 2005, with some start-stop postings, the content of which didn’t appease me much. So, those old posts are out, and here I am with a fresh start, and a revamped website.

Star Comics LogoAnd, let me start the inauguration post at Comicology, with a new start-up, in the Tamil Comics Industry.  No, it is not from the legendary Prakash Publishers, but from an ardent Comics fan, just like us. Gone are the days when I Bernard Princeused to dream about Tamil Comics growing to international standards.

The dream is now a reality, with the introduction of Star Comics.

Bernard Prince aka., Captain Prince, as he is known in this part of the world, stories always generates a lot of interest and has a fan following, which was grown by Thigil Comics (திகில் காமிக்ஸ்), an erstwhile comics brand from the legendary South Indian Comics house, Prakash Publishers (the publishers of Lion & Muthu Comics). And can you show a better way to start a new venture by making Captain Prince, as the leading hero.  Star Comics has scored on that upfront.

Star 01 Cover1 Star 01 Cover2

Seeing the glossy papers, hard-bound cover, back to back cover arts, full colour artwork; and not to mention Mr. Raghu's own translation adds all the glamour to the new star of Tamil/Indian Comics.

Star Comics Launch Apr 2007 - Special Guests : Artist Maruthu & Actor Ponvannan"Panimalai Kottai" has all the ingredients for a successful Hollywood movie. From the usual setting of Sea adventures of Captain Prince, this takes us to the mystic mountains, Gang-wars, and Barnie's own humours laced in between. The top of the charts, is when Barnie sitting in the dark, utters the famous words, popularized by Kollywood (Tamil Film Industry) Comedian, Vadivelu, 'என்ன வக்சு காமடி கீமடி பன்னளியே.'  கலக்கிட்டீங்க ரகு.  Hats off.

Kudos to Mr.Raghu from Karur, for bringing the Tamil Comics to the next generation. Hopefully the momentum will be kept up by releasing the next issues at a regular interval.

UPDATE (01/08): But, as it turned out, it was again a Dream, as Star Comics was never officially in the market, and faded out with their first issue, which didn’t even have a good distribution.  A lesson to be learnt for all Comics publishers wanna-be’s, that you should have a marketing and pricing strategy, before you try to hit the mass media. 

Kudos to Mr.Vijayan for being the lone flag-bearer in the Tamil Comics Industry, for over 4 decades now.  Hopefully, we will get to see better and stronger players in future.  As of now, it has to remain an ever fulfilled dream.

14 ComiComments:

was absolutely thrilled to see ur blog and the pics of lion and muthu comics. I just love the Batman (esp sirikkum maranam), Captain Prince and Modesty Blaise series. If you know how i can get these books in chennai, PLS PLS let me know.kudos to u for having such a wonderful blog! :)

SK: Thanks for those nice comments. Lion & Muthu Comics are still being sold in chennai book shops, for the list of them just browse through the recent comments sections, and you will find it being posted by other comics reader.

Or yet you can subscribe directly to Lion/Muthu Comics from their publishers. Just pick up a recent copy in the bookstores and you will have alll the information needed to do so.

Hé, I'm from Belgium and you are asking what I'm doing on your Blog. I'm a Big Great fan of the Belgian Comic maker hermann, and I try to collect everything of him. (see my website about hermann I have a comic of him in every language it ever appeared. But now I see there is a comic of him in Tamil language. Please help me, WHERE CAN I BUY IT - In England-London, or have I to write to India. I have also a question about the different editions there are of the Prince comic in Tamil language. I found different covers. Wich one is the right-one, or are there different editions. Can you please tell me, because I want my site up-to-date. I made a special part for the tamil comics, please let me know if it's right!!! ( I found also a Prince comic in an other Indian Language, maybe you also tell me more about it!! ( See the India Link. Many thanks, JOhan

Dear GreatFarian,

You can get whatever issues available (since in India all comics are sold as magazines and not books as in Europe, and back issues are pretty hard to obtain)of Bernard Prince (Captain Prince in Tamil, an Indian language) from Prakash Publishers (who publish Lion & Muthu comics)directly.

Here's their contact address,

8/D-5, Chairman P.K.S.S.A. Road,

Since you left no e-mail address & since the site is in some European language, I/m unable contact you directly. Hope you see this.

And a clarification. Both the books you queried about are from INDIA are in the TAMIL language. Just different publishers & quality. The B&W book you got in your site was published by PRAKASH PUBLISHERS in LION comics. They've published almost all Bernard Prince stories except the last few which were not drawn by HERMANN.

The book referred in this post was published in color by ADITHYA PUBLISHERS. They've published just one book still.

Here's their contact address,

11-A-D, Saminathapuram 1st street,
Karur - 639001

If unable to contact either of them log onto

and post a comment. You'll get an immediate response and the books will be sent to you asap.

Don't go to either publisher's websites. They're not there anymore. Both failed to renew.

BTW, if you want cover scans of BERNARD PRINCE issues in TAMIL for your site, e-mail me @

I'll able to mail within a couple of weeks. Need to dust up my collection!

That's all for now!


Greatfarian: Thanks for your visit. Good to see a comic fan from the Franco-Belgian sector. As Sathish just pointed, Many of the comic fans over here have a huge liking for the type of comics which came out of the genre, so you have reached the right people. Sathish has already given you contact addresses of publishers. If you don't get a response, you have people over here who you can depend upon to help with your collection.

Please let us know your mail id, and I can let you know the list of Captain Prince stories which are currently in stock with Prakash Publishers who own the Lion/Muthu Comics (in Tamil Language). As far the other publisher Star Comics, which you have cited, they have released one edition which you referred, multiple copies of which are already available with many fans, who can spare it with you. The reason for the third party is that Star Comics is not actively in business for a long time now.

I visited your website, and looks there are much things you could udpate in there. Will mail you about it once I get your contact.

And by the way, you and others can still post your queries about Tamil or Indian Comics in general to Comicology, as this site is still very much active, and yours truly is still alive and kicking :).

Dear Rafiq,

Sorry if I've offended you by asking GreatFarian to log onto tamilcomicsulagam.

What I meant was that since Viswa has multiple copies of Star Comics & few others and can ship them immediately, I recommended him. By no means did I want to suggest that your blog (or you for that matter)were dead.

My most sincerest apologies!

Moral of the story : Be careful what you publish, can be misconstrued!


Hé, great thanks you answered si fast. Sorry for al my mistakes, but I'm no good in English. If I understand well, I have to write to India for buying a comic. But I think it gonna be a long story before I have them. Is it no easier I put the money on your account, you buy them in England, and You send them to me! I have a Paypall Account, and I can pay internationaly if you give me a IBAN & BIC account. I don't know if in India they gonna understand my poor English.
If one of you you find ONE Tamil edition, and ONE of the other edition (is it also Tamuil?) then I pay without any problem. My email address is: And I wanna thank you both for the information. I gonna change it as quickly as possible. Many many thanks, GreatFarian (my real name is Johan) from Belgium

Sathish: There are no hard feelings. On the contrary, I only thought that I should have been more regular to respond to the posts in my blog. But, what to do this only my passion, whereas I have a Day job as like others :). I would always expect ppl like you to come back often to provide your comments and respond to others.

GreatFarian: Will send you a mail, since money matters are not to be discussed on a public forum :)

He, good evening. Firts my best wishes for 2009. Long time ago, do you have news for me? Many thanks, Greatfarian

Greatfarian: Wish you a Happy New Year too. I have sent a mail to your personal id, with the update. Happy Browsing and I would love to hear your comments on other comic blog posts @ Comicology.

i am a french fan of Bob Morane.

Several aventures were published in India by comics.

I only have this list:

Comics Thigil

Juillet 1986 L’Epée du Paladin

Août 1988 L’empreinte du crapaud

Avril 1989 Les 7 croix de plomb

Lion Comics

Jan 1990 Le secret des 7 temples

Muthu Comics

Août 1994 Les Géants de Mu

Lion Comics

Mai 2006 Opération chevalier Noir


Comics Lion - Edition n ° 141 - mai 1998 - Theevu Thigil – 3 petits singes

Classics Comics - Edition n ° 22 - Kappalgal Karaindha Kaatril Les deserts d’amazonie

Classics Comics - Edition n ° 21 - Thirudargal Formule Les contrebandiers de l’atome

Comics Muthu - Edition n ° 199 - Ragasiyam Puthaindha Paniyil Le secret des 7 temples

Comics Muthu - Edition n ° 171 - octobre 1988 - Iravugal Ratha – Le temple des dinosaures

Could you have the entirely list of these aventures ?

I search all the titles and the names of principal characters in tamil language with Latin letters.

Could you help me ?

Thanks by anticipation.

was absolutely thrilled to see ur blog and the pics of lion and muthu comics. I just love the Batman (esp sirikkum maranam), Captain Prince and Modesty Blaise series. If you know how i can get these books in chennai, PLS PLS let me know.kudos to u for having such a wonderful blog! :)

Sorry for a late response, but you have pretty much everything published on Tamil of Bob Morane character, with your list. That's pretty much the entire list of Bob Morane in Tamil.

Captain Prince, one of the greatest creation of comics of all time.

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