Aug 4, 2007

Gotham Comics #40 - Jul '07

Even before the interest towards comics, my first encounter with Superheroes was when DD used to telecast Superman, Spiderman series on the National channels, when I was a kid. 

DC SuperheroesI used to dream about all the Superheroes, and when the Comic bug bit me, I first garnered more interest towards the superhero storylines, namely Irumbu Kai Maayavi (Steel Claw), Spider, Robot Archie being published by Lion & Muthu Comics.  Eventhough there were few glimpses of the Batman stories in Muthu, it didn't have a long run.

Marvel Superheroes On those days, the American Superheroes were only available on DC, and Marvel's Original US copies, which were being sold for a fortune over here.  So, my resources limited me with the access of Indian Comics alone.  But, Gotham Comics is a breakthrough innovator, who made it possible to buy these comics in Indian prices, comparatively much cheaper than the original ones. 

At one point Gotham published nearly 40 titles every month, and I used to run out of budget and somehow managed to collect them all.  Then came the hiatus of more than a year, as Gotham went out of publishing.  The only source of DC, Marvels was now over.

Gotham Comics Logo But, Gotham was about to strike back, and they came back at the start of 2007 with 17 Revamped Titles, thus launching new storylines for all the major characters.   But, the re-launch also means that few of the original series were discontinued, the majority being the Ultimate Series (Ultimate X-Men, Ultimate's, etc.), with the exception being the Ultimate Spiderman series, which has teenage appeal, and thus seems to have been maintained on the current roster.  But, there are some other good titles which were also discontinued, like Spider-Girl, Amazing Spiderman, JLA, Tarzan, and Conan.  I would be more than eager to see them being launched again.

The re-launch also contains 3 India's own storylines featuring under the Virgin Comics brand.


1. Superman #40

Supergirl from Krypton : Part 5

Writer: Michael Turner
Artist: Jeph Loeb

The storyline featuring Superman, Batman, and Supergirl comes to a climax, with the war on Apokolips reaches the Earth.  The plot starts with a fight between the last survivors of Krypton on an alien land, and ends with Darkseid bringing the disaster to Superman's Parental home.

A fight between Darkseid and Superman is due in the next issue.


2. Batman #40

The Beautiful People

Writer: Paul Dini
Artist: J.H. Williams

After the incredible storyline of origin of Robin, this month has a self contained storyline.

Wonder Woman 01

3. Wonder Woman #1

Eventhough Gotham had a completed series on Wonder Woman, which ran for 22 Issues, they have re-launched Wonder Woman with a New plot-lines.  So far it looks a promising start, let's hope the momentum continues.

Teen Titans 12

4. Teen Titans #12

Raven Rising

Writer: Geoff Johns
Artist: Mike McKone

The encounter with the Brother Brood concludes, with Raven saved and brought back to Titan Towers.  Looks a next storyline in making with the newly regrouped team.

Ultimate Spiderman 33

5. Ultimate Spiderman #33

Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
Artist: Mark Bagley

Spiderman goes to Hollywood featuring the making of Spiderman Movie.  Also Doctor Octopus escapes from prison and he has someone on his sight.

Hulk 29

6. Incredible Hulk #29

Tempest Fugit : Part 5 of 5

Artist: Lee Weeks

The Hulk comes out of his nightmare encounter with a mysterious opponent.  Lee Weeks artwork has added a new style to Hulk storyline, and hope the momentum continues in next series.

Wolverine 14

7. Wolverine #14

Enemy of the State : Part 5 of 6

Writer: Mark Millar
Artist: John Romita Jr.

The whole world is in the hunt of Wolverine, and he gets down to recruit a new ally in the form of Daredevil.  But, the story takes a new twist with Elektra being brought into the picture.

Astonishing XMen 11

8. Astonishing X-Men #11


Writer: Joss Whedon
Artist: John Cassaday

The Danger room comes to real life in form of Danger and Professor Xavier battles with her on the destroyed land of Genosha.  The Mutant Killing Machine makes a surprise appearance at the end, with X-Men left stranded.

Fantastic Four 21

9. Fantastic Four #21

Rising Storm

Writer: Mark Waid
Artist: Mike Wieringo

Fantastic Four comes in meeting with Galactus, and they try to save Johny, who has been made as a new herald for devourer of the worlds. 

What a timing for this storyline, when Fantastic Four part 2 movie is making its mark on the Cinema Theatres, which also features a Galactus storyline.

Avengers 24

10. The New Avengers #24

Breakout : Part 5

Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
Artist: David Finch

The New Avengers storyline picks up heat with the Avengers meeting Wolverine in the Savage Land, and an interesting battle with a powerful mutant unfolds.

Devi 04

11. Devi #4

Prarambh : Part 4

Writer: Samit Basu
Artist: Mukesh Singh

Shekhar Kapur's mythical adventure brings us to the

I don't remember reading a storyline which has a fair share of Indian mythology, Indian artwork presented in an International standard.  The plot where Iyam reaches the battle space transiting through a Mobile Phone.  Devi does promise to be a great adventure storyline.

Snake Woman 04

12. Snake Woman #4

Writer: Zeb Wells
Artist: Michael Gaydos

Shekhar Kapur's another blockbuster Snake Woman comes to an interesting point, where the Jessica's origin is retold and she comes to understand that she is a Snake Goddess, who is been hunted generation and generation by Harker's Upper Order and the 68.  Snake Woman is captured by Harker, and she commits her first mistake killing his well-wisher Brinkley.

Wonderful artwork, and a plot which originates from East India Company, a treat for all Comics fans.

Sadhu 04

13. The Sadhu #4

Writer: Ashok Banker
Artist: Manikandan

Another story which has its roots deriving from the Victorian Rule of England over India, and follows a young soldier whose family is killed by a sadistic red coat, and he discovers the myth of being a Sadhu, a Saint, who can command all the forces in the environment.

It seems the plot is currently under development for a major Hollywood movie featuring Nicolas Cage as Sadhu.  Hopefully, this turns out a blockbuster which will surely promote Indian comics to the international audience.  Kudos to Gotham and Virgin's creative team.

Other than these there are self contained stories in

14. Batman Adventures #34
15. Justice League Adventures #31
16. Spiderman Adventures #5
17. Fantastic Four Adventures #5

which together completes the #40 Set of Gotham Comics.  And what's more Gotham Subscription is back, which will ensure we don't miss any issues on the book shops, mainly helping the collectors.  And for those who missed out few series since Gotham's re-launch, Gotham has some backorders available.  Grab them before the stock runs out.

17 ComiComments:

plz tell me how n where can i subscribe 2 gotham comics....i did take one around 2003 but it got i'm desperate 4 it.mail me

Emperor (Good Nick Name): I guess you haven't read the posts completely. See the latest post on Gotham Comics over here :

In short, Gotham Comics is no more in Business. I was one of the subscribers, so I feel and share the pain of seeing it go.

I kept pace with you on collection of gotham comics till its stop over. Now i am confused and have not collected the issues with the new logo. I am using your posts as the guide and have to collect the leftovers. Hope now your collection is FULL.

@ ERB: As much as I would love to say that my Gotham Collection is complete, the fact is that it is not. I still miss some few titles from the v1 (first set of Gotham edition) to complete it, which are untraceable so far.

May be I need to wait much longer. Me and my Lucky Star :(

hey any body wanna purchase 2nd hand copy of gotham comics
if intreasted
mail me at:
i am also sad about end of GOTHAM COMICS.I was such a big fan

why there no comic in Bangladesh.I can not find any comic here,from 2005.So dear gothomigth pleas do somthing

@ Krishna: Hope you find a prospective buyer for your collection.

@ Adnan: I hate to break the news dude, in case if you don't know it already, but Gotham Comics is long closed shops. Only the back issue titles are freely available on the market these days, especially the 90 rs. specials, having been pushed out of their warehouse recently.

Either you have to be content with that, or venture on the costlier DC Marvel direct editions. We are left with no other option, quite frankly. :(

@Rafiq Raja: I bought some comics from Krishna..rather exchanged them..he has a good collection

@ Nishkarsh: Good to see that you have found a good deal through this site. Happy Reading, folks :)

Yes, a very good deal indeed...We both are of the same age..I went to his house and traded some of the comics..BTW I saw you on facbook, commenting on Vimanika's Ad in Yuva Magazani about the FB link, I als made a comment there..

And for all Gotham/Virgin/Liquid Comic fans,

@Rafiq Raja: I bought some comics from Krishna..rather exchanged them..he has a good collection

why there no comic in Bangladesh.I can not find any comic here,from 2005.So dear gothomigth pleas do somthing

plz tell me how n where can i subscribe 2 gotham comics....i did take one around 2003 but it got i'm desperate 4 it.mail me

hi well this comment is being posted in 2011 and the situation is the same again. Gotham is again out of publishing and there are no sources of the recent issues of DC and Marvel apart from the outdated US copies at franchises like "landmark" and "crossword". If ANYONE IS MODERATING THIS BLOG please tell me where i can find DC and Marvel in india (latest issues)

The Giant Panda

how can i subscribe ..........plese reply?

You can try to buy the comics.

Although you may have to worry that they charge quite a lot since the comics are very rare.

For eg. A JUSTICE LEAGUE ADVENTURES #08 2003 which might've cost Rs.15 in those days is now
selling for altest Rs.125

Gotham Comics published their series in English, Hindi, Bengali, Assamese, Tamil, and Malayalam. It would be nice to include the non-English issues in the discussion.

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