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Aug 1, 2007

Star Comics #1 - Bernard Prince | Apr '07

Finally, I have decided to kick-start my long time ambition to start a Comics blog. The blog has been existent from 2005, with some start-stop postings, the content of which didn’t appease me much. So, those old posts are out, and here I am with a fresh start, and a revamped website.

Star Comics LogoAnd, let me start the inauguration post at Comicology, with a new start-up, in the Tamil Comics Industry.  No, it is not from the legendary Prakash Publishers, but from an ardent Comics fan, just like us. Gone are the days when I Bernard Princeused to dream about Tamil Comics growing to international standards.

The dream is now a reality, with the introduction of Star Comics.

Bernard Prince aka., Captain Prince, as he is known in this part of the world, stories always generates a lot of interest and has a fan following, which was grown by Thigil Comics (திகில் காமிக்ஸ்), an erstwhile comics brand from the legendary South Indian Comics house, Prakash Publishers (the publishers of Lion & Muthu Comics). And can you show a better way to start a new venture by making Captain Prince, as the leading hero.  Star Comics has scored on that upfront.

Star 01 Cover1 Star 01 Cover2

Seeing the glossy papers, hard-bound cover, back to back cover arts, full colour artwork; and not to mention Mr. Raghu's own translation adds all the glamour to the new star of Tamil/Indian Comics.

Star Comics Launch Apr 2007 - Special Guests : Artist Maruthu & Actor Ponvannan"Panimalai Kottai" has all the ingredients for a successful Hollywood movie. From the usual setting of Sea adventures of Captain Prince, this takes us to the mystic mountains, Gang-wars, and Barnie's own humours laced in between. The top of the charts, is when Barnie sitting in the dark, utters the famous words, popularized by Kollywood (Tamil Film Industry) Comedian, Vadivelu, 'என்ன வக்சு காமடி கீமடி பன்னளியே.'  கலக்கிட்டீங்க ரகு.  Hats off.

Kudos to Mr.Raghu from Karur, for bringing the Tamil Comics to the next generation. Hopefully the momentum will be kept up by releasing the next issues at a regular interval.

UPDATE (01/08): But, as it turned out, it was again a Dream, as Star Comics was never officially in the market, and faded out with their first issue, which didn’t even have a good distribution.  A lesson to be learnt for all Comics publishers wanna-be’s, that you should have a marketing and pricing strategy, before you try to hit the mass media. 

Kudos to Mr.Vijayan for being the lone flag-bearer in the Tamil Comics Industry, for over 4 decades now.  Hopefully, we will get to see better and stronger players in future.  As of now, it has to remain an ever fulfilled dream.


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