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Jul 12, 2009

Lion Comics #206 – Phil Corrigan | Jul ‘09

Lion Comics #206 – Phil Corrigan 
Lion 206 Corrigan Cover
2 Stories | 92 Pgs | INR 10 | B6
B/W | Laminated/Paperback

Lion Comics has finally made its way back, with their latest issue, the first in 2009. The title also marks the completion of the brands 25th Anniversary. Lion Comics #205, was released way back in November last year, so it was a pleasant surprise to see this latest title arrive home.

Phil CorriganAs advertised it features two brand new adventures of Agent Phil Corrigan, carrying a stunning cover art, which should be rated as one of the best covers of Lion Comics in recent times.

Offlate, there is an increased focus on the cover-art, where they seem to be using the latest technologies in photo editing to improve them tri-fold, from the originals which inspire them. Look at the burning fire at the background, and the Corrigan badge on the top-right, along with the stylist lettering used for the title.

It’s so good to see the legendary Lion Comics utilising the tools available in the modern era, to keep them up with the international standards.

Lion 206 Editor's Hotline Editor in his Hotline, highlights the delay factor, (He also managed to find a link between that and the title of the present issue, in his typical humorous style) and cites the difficulty in the sales, and dealing with the news agents, as a backdrop for the long miss-out, yet again. But he also conveys that this will be a new innings for Lion Comics; and his intention to unveil a new plan, to reach the readers directly, instead of relying on the news-agents.

Let’s hope that as per his promise, we would get to see more regular issues, which will enthuse the readers to agree to his plans once he finds the right time to reveal it to all. Editor for instance has promised  Modesty, Chick Bill, and another 3-part Tex Willer story in his future line-up, and claims that we will be seeing a lot more Coming Soon advertisements in the forthcoming issues, just like the good old times.

Seems that the recent comics fanfare witnessed through the releases of Euro Books and CineBook in India, have really boosted Editor Mr.S Vijayan to jump-in on the bandwagon himself.

Editor also announces that the XIII Collector Edition is still hanging in balance, as the advanced booking has still not reached the magic number of 900. To keep up the tempo he has released the list off 100+ early-bid readers, who have booked their copy in advance. So, those who are staying back from booking your issue, the time is now, to see it in fruition by the year end. Somehow my name is missing out from the list, which looks like I would have to reconfirm, again :-(

Lion 206 - 2nd Corrigan Story Lion 206 - 1st Corrigan StoryFor those who are waiting to pick up your copy at local bookshops, it’s time you start checking out for the issue. I will hold on the review of the stories at Comicology, so as to let other readers experience the issue first-up.

As a preview, here are the first-page of two Corrigan stories which decorates this month Lion issue.

The two stories are:

1. Maandavan Meendaan (மாண்டவன் மீண்டான்!), meaning ‘Dead springs back to Life’

2. Raajyathirku Oru Rani (ராஜ்ஜியத்திற்கு ஒரு ராணி!), meaning ‘A Queen for the Kingdom’

You could notice that the artwork for both the stories totally different, about which we will see more Lion 206 XIII Advtalong with the background details about Phil Corrigan aka Super Agent X-Muthu's Mandrake Issue Preview9 comics series, when we go down reviewing this Lion comics title, in a couple of week’s time.

So, if your are not a subscriber, then don’t miss out from grabbing your copy, at your news-stands. :)

To wrap-up, here is the inner-cover, which once again features a teaser to the XIII Collector Special, while the second outer cover previews the upcoming Mandrake issue on Muthu Comics, titled Nizhal Ethu? Nijam Ethu? (நிழல் எது? நிஜம் எது?), which is a translated version of the original Mandrake adventure titled ‘Mirror People’. Makes for an interesting wait.

Updates to follow, meanwhile Happy Reading, Comikers !!


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