Jan 17, 2009

2008 Comics/Animation Movies Round-Up – II

The recent post on Year End Movies Review Part 1 was well-received among Comicologists, where we chose to review only the movies which were based or inspired by Comics, coupled with the Animation, which is considered its sub-genre.  Thanks for all those who responded to the post, and my reply to the comments could be found at the end of the same.  If you haven’t read that post, then I strongly recommend you to read that before proceeding on with this instalment.

Let’s quickly wrap-up our second and concluding post to this 2008 Movies Round-Up.  Again, they are sequenced based on their their US release date.

HellBoy 2008HellBoy 2: The Golden Army (July 11, 2008) << Comicology Rating: 3.5/5 >>

Hellboy 2, is the sequel to 2004 film, which were both directed by Guillermo del Toro (who is known as the Three Amigos of famed Mexican line-up.  It is said that Ron Perlman, who is usually known for his negative roles, was the first-choice of the director and producer duo, right from the time the movie was originally conceptualized.  There is no doubt that their choice was a master-stroke, as the Hellboy character suits well to his huge size, which makes him more aligned to the character plot.  I didn’t like the first instalment of HellBoy film franchise (which was more an intro into Paranormal Research organization, and an overdose of Nazi desertions and mad scientists), but I should admit the 2nd version was one of the best creative work filled film.

hellboy2-elementalYou should see that to experience the thought Provoking Character Designs (Tooth Fairies, Abe Sapien, Krauss, Forest God, etc.), Costumes, Artwork, and finally the self-repairing Golden Army at the climax.  Particularly, The scene where Hellboy confronts the gigantic Forest God, and the resultant dialogues with evil Prince Nuada, while he contemplates ending the last one of its race, or be spectator to the massacre of innocent earthlings.  A touching scene to say the least.  (Thanks to fellow Comicologists ShankarV, Viswa and Josh for reminding me of this scene)

A total visual treat, and a little effort on the plot could have made wonders.  But then wasn’t this a comics fantasy movie, so that seems to be on the expected lines.  It is said that the movie plot was totally written anew, rather than relying on any comics storylines released so far.  That’s definitely a change from the 1st instalment.

I wonder what effort Perlman, would have gone through with the heavy masked layer on him, to depict the Hellboy’s demonic looks.  He seems to have been gung-ho about these characters with his past movies around on Beauty and Beast, Island of Dr.Moreu, which had similar heavy make-up for him.

The movie is intriguely set for final sequel of the Trilogy as originally planned by Del Toro, with the Hellboy’s love-mate expressing that they would be expecting twins.  I wonder how would they look like (Hell & Fire combination) in the 3rd instalment which is yet in discussions

Hellboy was a fictional comic character created by Mike Mignolio (who is also the co-writer of the movie franchise), which is one among the very few characters with a plot-work involving the dark concept of Hell. After being shunned out by the DC for the same reason, Mignolio launched it as a creator owned comics venture with Dark Horse. Wouldn’t he be considering it as a blessing in disguise, as it is now one of the very few comic based movie ventures not backed by the Big Two: DC & Marvel.  I was never a big fan of this comic series, now the movie franchise, has tempted me for the same.

I had to revisit my reviews for this movie, since my fellow Comicologists had requested this be considered in equals to one of the classic fantasy tales, and I must admit that my rating was little lesser to the quality which was in offer.  Hence the new update in the review and further ratings point, then the original.

Batman 2008The Dark Knight (Jul 18, 2008) << Comicology Rating: 5/5 >>

Clearly, the run-away favourite for all the masses, and the biggest hit of 2008 among all genre Movies.  This sequel to the new Batman move franchise (rebooted with 2005’s Batman Begins), directed and co-written by the incredibly talented Christopher Nolan, redefined and set high standards for all Comic based movies for the present and future.  Batman faces his biggest arch-nemesis Joker in this dark-sinister suspense thriller, which is breath-taking from the start to finish.  Character plot-work, action sequences, technical gizmos, this is a movie which will make any Batman comic fan proud.  Thanks to Nolan Brothers.

The stunning climax scene, where the Good’s and Bad’s of the society are pitted against each other, with their fate lying on the opposite camp (a switched remote detonator on either side of the ships), is wonderfully scripted.  The result is the slap in the face of the so called Gentlemen of the higher society.  The ending scene with Batman taking up the blame for all the Incidents, to save the hero face of the villain turned Harvey Dent, has nicely setup the next movie instalment, with Batman now being termed as a Fugitive.  It is best exhibited as conveyed by Commissioner Gordon, as an ending note (also adding to the movie title):

“He's a silent guardian, a watchful protector. A Dark Knight."

No wonder you find much of the Quotes from the film in our “Comic-Quotes” Section in the sidebar of Comicology.  I am planning to move them to a separate archive page for ready quick reference.

You talk about the Batman Movie and it will be a sin if you forget the contribution of Heath Ledger.  It can be clearly noted that more than protagonist Christian Bale as Batman, Ledger outperforms everyone (including a scary looking Two-Face) with his portrayal of Joker, ironically in his last act.  No wonder, he is tipped for a posthumous Oscar award for the Best Supporting Role.  He deserves that for sure.

The DC owned Batman character, originally created by Bob Kane, is considered one of its two flagship comic characters along with Superman.  It’s popularity is only rivalled by the Marvel’s Spiderman, who have traditionally held the upper hand in the comics based movie franchises, ever since DC stepped back with their Superman movie franchise (heavily due to the Christopher Reeve’s accident), and their repeated box-office failures with the badly made Batman movie franchise.  But with Batman: The Dark Knight, they have recaptured their past dominance, just in time when Marvel were pitching for their Avenger Movie launch.  So we are in for a great battle between DC & Marvel, this time to be witnessed in the Movie Industry.

Space Chimps 2008Space Chimps (Jul 18, 2008) << Comicology Rating: 1.5/5 >>

A movie from the little know production house, called Vanguard Animation.  It talks about a set of Space Chimpanzees who are lead on a space mission, by the reluctant grandson of the first Chimpanzee on space, where they put an end to an tyrant in a distant world.  Not much could be said on the movie plot, as it has few glimpses to have been based on the Planet of Apes movie franchise, but fails on the execution of it.  For the sheer reason, of being their first international release, it makes up the list barely.  The production house seems to have got rewarded with a sizeable profit, mainly due to the low production cost associated with the venture.

X-Files 2008 X-Files: I Want to Believe (Jul 25, 2008) << Comicology Rating: 1.5/5 >>

It’s another comeback movie franchise in the house, in form of X-Files (inspired by the 90’s hit TV series X-Files.  The last film was released in 1998, even though the 9th and last TV series aired until 2002.  The stars from the TV series, David Duchovny (looks rather old for the lead role) and Gillian Anderson (surprisingly still good-looking) make their appearance again to boost up the movie star cast.  But, unlike the earlier movie this doesn’t follow the extra-terrestrial theme for which the Original X-Files series is known for.  Instead it follows the age-old theme of horror/thriller, and it even dwindles at the level of basing the plot on the self-proclaimed messenger of god, to unravel the mystery.

I didn’t follow the TV series, but I should point out that the first movie was actually good.  The second instalment is surely a let-down, and I wonder why they took 6 years to devise a plot for this failed attempt. 

Reason for this movie in our list: Little known Topps Comics released few comic sets during TV series prime, which unsurprisingly remains their only significant comic releases ever.

Mummy 2008Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Empire (Aug 1, 2008) << Comicology Rating: 2/5 >>

The failed attempt for rebooting forgotten movie franchise continues, with the latest addition being the ever-famous Mummy movie series.  Eventhough they were greatly put down by the critics, I had liked the the first 3 movie instalments, which as per me where a visual treat.  They brought the Golden genre of the mysterious Egyptian civilization through breathtaking virtual reality.  But the latest movie comes out of its original theme, by moving over to Chinese Terracotta Warriors and lost prince.  It seems the creators wanted to hit jackpot, by casting Jet Lee, but like his numerous Hollywood attempts, this is another failed attempt for him.

Another failure in this movie franchise, is the non-appearance of incredibly beautiful Rachel Weisz to reprise her character.  Instead another unknown face Maria Bello makes up the number with, a certainly old looking, Brendan Fraser. It is said that Weisz opted out due to the storyline featuring her in as middle-aged women, and setting up for a motherly role in future movie series.  A Wise decision, as I like many others wouldn’t want to see her in that state :).  Maria does show her credentials in few fighting sequences, but she can never match up to Weisz’s popularity.

It should have got only 1.5 in our rating, but scores a extra fraction due to its stunning visual effects (even though they are a touch lesser than the standards set in the 3 prequels).  Talks are ripe that the movie is actually being rebooted with Jr. Connel taking the lead role in the future instalments.  Hopefully they will be better and newer than the 2008 instalment.

Reason for our listing: IDW Publishing has released some comic sets based on Rick O’ Connel’s character in 2008.

Igor 2008Igor (Sep 19, 2008) << Comicology Rating: 2/5 >>

A different plot with the lead character portrayed as the strangely looking Igor (ones with hunchbacks), who were long portrayed in many movie genres as an understudy to some evil maniac.  In a village dominated by the Evil Scientists, who rule supreme with their frightening machines, Igor's are considered and treated as their under-study and lower cast.  One Igor, who is incredibly talented aspires to be the Greatest Evil Scientist, and the plot takes us through the oppressions and his struggle in his quest.  Eventhough it’s wonderfully animated (from the new film group Exodus) it fails largely on the plot-work.  The fact that it is an attempt from a lesser known animated group, also made it a prime candidate for lesser acceptance and publicity.

Roadside Romeo 2008 Roadside Romeo (Oct 23, 2008) << Comicology Rating: 2/5 >>

The first Bollywood based international animation movie to have ever released, co-produced by Yash Raj Films and Walt Disney Studios.  The movie even though boasting of a superior animation (mainly because of WD involvement, and hard work of 2 years) failed to reach the same stardom of its partner.  The plot is nothing better from a Bollywood love story, which the first-time director Jugal Hansraj, tried to imitate in animation industry.  The result when you try to combine a theory from one genre to another without significantly tweaking it to fit the target market, is here to see with the box-office failure of the film.

Bollywood’s Real-life Love Couple  Saif Ali Khan, and Kareena Kapoor have lent their voice to the movie, but it seems their combination taboo made their effect on this movie too, like their other Bollywood films.  It enjoys a rating of 2, for the simple reason that it is the first ever Indian International venture in animation industry. 

Fellow Comicologist Siv, had recently blogged about a comic adaptation for this movie in his blog here.  I am planning to do a further post on Indian Comics based on Movies, so we will have more details on to that sooner at Comicology.  Stay Tuned.

Madagascar 2008 Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa (Nov 7, 2008) << Comicology Rating: 3/5 >>

It’s a sequel to the hit and much critically acclaimed 2005 animated film.  It continues the story of the Zoo escaped Lion, Hippo, Zebra, and Giraffe, all known by their human names than their race.  The fact that it comes out of the DreamWorks studio, says more about the stunning animation as witnessed in every frame of the Movie.  It picks up from the 1st instalment, where the animals actually decide to move back to their captured life, but crash-land in central Africa, finding their own species.  Now, it’s decision time again for our favourite folks.  The Forest life is incredibly brought before our eyes, with wonderful combination of colours, and our title heroes comical activities makes it for an interesting watch.  Certainly a must see for all animation movie lovers.

QOS Bond 2008 Quantum of Solace (Nov 14, 2008) << Comicology Rating: 2/5 >>

Incidentally, the most anticipated movie of 2008, which ironically was also the most disappointing comics movie franchise of the year.  Daniel Craig reprises his Secret agent role in 22nd James Bond Movie franchise.  Unlike the earlier movies which always are stand-alone versions, this movie is actually a follow-up/sequel to the 2005 Casino Royale, where Craig made his stunning debut as James Bond.  Bond sets up about on the task of avenging those who were behind the killing of her lady-love in 21st Bond Movie.  What we get to witness are Betrayals, and Pure adrenaline action, where James Bond even forgets to deliver his punch-line: “My name is Bond, James Bond”.  

The one bright spot of the movie was Olga Kurylenko, who seems to be the first-choice for all animation/comics based movie as witnessed in recent times (2007’s Hitman, & 2008’s Max Payne).  Surprisingly we don’t get to see a romantic interlude between her and Bond in this movie, as common among the so called “bond girls”.  Another new style being adopted Craig’s Bond Movies (but, nevertheless, we have another Bond-Girl in the movie ;) ).  One more unique feature is that, this is the first ever Bond Movie (or maybe any other movie) to have made its release in India, even before it was released in North America.  Doesn’t it make we Indians proud enough, and it seems India is considered a bigger movie market then how it was treated with 2nd, 3d rate Hollywood movies hitting the theatres years back :).

Despite the storyline, Daniel Craig impresses in his stylish act, and he is obviously the most ably fit actor ever to have praised the James Bond character. I can only laugh at the initial critics who were so crazy over his selection for Bond, just for the simple reason that he was a Blonde.  I hope they would have got their answers.

With that said, I would love to give it even worst rating, but the action sequences, and the intention of the newly formed Bond team to set this movie different from the earlier instalments, managed to eek out this rating at Comicology.  Let’s see what they make up with their next movie planned for 2011.

You don’t need any introduction to James Bond  when it comes to comics.  Classical comics enthusiasts (or Comicologists as we term them over here at Comicology) would remember the legendary comic-strips from UK’s Newspaper media.  We are going to have a long line-up of these Comics review as we go down dissecting the James Bond Comics released by erstwhile Rani Comics, shortly.

Bolt 2008 Bolt (Nov 21, 2008) << Comicology Rating: 3.5/5 >>

Walt Disney animation Company launched its 48th theatrical animated feature (the Roadside Romeo doesn’t count because it’s billed from the Indian based Yash Raj Films), to the industry they revolutionized, in the form of Bolt.  The film is strengthened by media heavyweights like John Travolta, and Miley Cyrus lending their voice to the lead characters.

The plot revolves around a white dog named Bolt, which is grown from a pub with the image of a super powered dog. But it was a myth as the production crew were hosting a live program of events featuring Bolt. A supposedly accident, drives Bolt out of its comfort zone to the reality of outside world. The rest of the movie features Bolt going on a cross-country tour to see its companion, who is supposedly has deserted him for another dog, replacing him in his live serial.  The film has so far received 85% approval on Rotten Tomatoes, for all the credit the movie deserves.

Punisher 2008Punisher: War Zone (Dec 5, 2008) << Comicology Rating: 1.5/5 >>

The movie reboot doesn’t seem to be stopping, with 2004’s Punisher movie in the frame this time.  Marvel comes back to re-launch another of there never-ending comic heroes into movie.  This reboot is unique in the sense that it is the only franchise, which has been re-booted for the second time in row.  Comicologists would remember that the 2004 film, was actually a reboot to the 1989’s original movie.  Isn’t this a new trend.

But, it must be said that they are yet to achieve the popularity and acclaim they received for their Spiderman series.  The initial reviews about this movie also seems to be pretty disappointing.

Punisher is one of my favourite characters in the Marvel Comics, as he is the one who is human (and not those super freaks), and is only driven by his rage towards putting an end to the growing crime in the neighbourhood.  A hero everyone of us aspire to become, deep in our self.  The new creative team, cast makes for an interesting watch, but failed miserably in terms of plot and execution. The character of Punisher deserved more.

Spirit 2008 The Spirit (Dec 25, 2008) << Comicology Rating: 2/5 >>

Will Eisner’s famous comics character The Spirit, which was originally created in 1940s, finally made it’s way to the mainstream media; with the ‘300’, ‘Sin City’, ‘Dark Knight Returns’ series fame Frank Miller donning the Directorial duties for a change.  Obviously inspired by his earliest directorial debut, with the critically acclaimed Sin City Movie adaptation.  But it should be noted that he was then assisted by a two more able directors.  Overall, I didn’t like the movie a bit, which was often slipping in screenplay and direction at various scenes.

Movie-critics and followers, it’s a failed attempt, and one which shows the great character of Eisner in poor light (a fact strengthened by the personal account of Love of Dreams ShankarV).  It looks Frank Miller should have stayed on with the job which he does best, which is comic book writing, and artist.

That completes our 2008 Movies Round-Up. Overall, 2008 was an eventual year, with so many comic based movies hitting the theatres, and many garnering critical acclaim. 

There were even some other movies which had comical relationships, but weren’t based on any Comics for actual say, hence weren’t covered in our year end movie review posts;

Like SuperHero Movie (a shoot comedy on Comic based Movies) Hancock (billed as Redefining the Summer of Super Heroes), and Max Payne (from the famous video game; Original inventor of Bullet time effect, but was actually revolutionized through Matrix Trilogy).  But, we aren’t missing anything, as they are sloppy ones to say the least.

So with the ratings it might clearly show what could probably be my Top 3 Best Movies of 2008.  But just to reiterate the same, here they are:

        1. Batman: The Dark Knight
        2. Wall-E
        3. Iron Man

2009 promises to be even better, with the announcement of Watchmen, X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Whiteout slated in for the year.  We will have a complete review of these movies at Comicology when they hit the theatres.  So, stay tuned for more.

I hope you liked Comicology’s complete account of Comic and Animation based Movies round-up of 2008, spread over 2 lengthy posts.  If yes, why not share your views on the same, for which you could use the Comment Section below.  I would be eager to read them.

And before I close, Wish every Comicologists a Happy Pongal, which is now also considered as Tamil New Year.  While many fellow Comicologists decided to have a special post for the event, I believe every post at Comicology is special enough to be among the list :).  Happy Reading and Watching, and I will be back with another post very shortly.

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செய்வதனை மிகவும் சிறப்பாகவும், அர்பணிப்புடனும் செய்வதில் உங்களை மிஞ்ச யாருமில்லை.2008 மூவி ரவுண்ட் அப் அதற்கு ஒர் சான்று.இனி என் தாழ்மையான கருத்துக்கள்.

HELL BOY-வன தேவதையுடன்,ரெட் மோதும் காட்சியின் முடிவு கண்களையும்,மனதினையும் கலங்கடிக்கும் கவிதை,இறுதிக்காட்சிகள் ஸாரி கொஞ்சம் ஓவர் ரகம்.

THE DARK KNIGHT- இது வரை வந்த பேட்மேன் பட வரிசையில் மிகச்சிறந்த,மிகவும் இருண்ட படம், ஜோக்கரையும், பேட்மேனையும் எனக்கு மிக அருகில் கொண்டு வந்த படமிது.படத்தின் வசனங்கள் அர்த்தங்கள் செரிந்தவை,அதுவும் காமிக்காலஜியில் அவை கண்சிமிட்டுவது உங்கள் தரமான ரசனைக்கு சான்று பகர்கின்றன.ஹீத் லெட்ஜர் மிரட்டியிருக்கிறார்.இருப்பினும் இறுதிக்கட்டங்களில் சற்று தொய்வு ஏற்பட்டது என்பது என் கருத்து.

MUMMY-ஜெட்லீ,களிமண் வீரர்கள்,பனி மனிதர்கள்,ட்ராகன் என மிரட்டினாலும் கதை விடயத்தில் கோட்டை விட்டு விட்டார்கள். ராஷேல் வெய்ஸ்,அம்மா வேடம் என்ன பாட்டி வேடம் போட்டால் கூட அழகாக இருப்பார்.

MADAGASCAR2-கிங் ஜுலியன்,தாதா பெங்குயின்கள்,கெட்ட ஆட்டம் போடும் சிங்கம்,நீர் யானையின் மீது கழுத்து வலிகுமளவு அன்பு செலுத்தும் ஒட்டகம் என ஜாலியாக ரசிக்கலாம்.

QOS-பழைய பாண்ட் பட பாரம்பரியங்களிலிருந்து ஒர் வேகமான விலகல்,மெகா சொதப்பல் வில்லன்,அற்புதமான டானியல் கிரேக், அசர வைக்கும் ஆக்‌ஷன், அழகான கால்களிற்கு சொந்தக்காரியான ஆல்கா,இருந்தாலும் திருப்தியளிக்கவில்லை.

SIN CITY- ஃபிராங் மில்லரின் கனவு, எங்களின் கெட்ட கனவு, நல்ல வேளையாக எவா மெண்டஸ் தனது அற்புதமான---- [நான் அவற்றை கலை ரசனையுடன் ரசித்ததை நவஜோ மதகுரு அவதானிக்கவில்லை]

ரஃபிக், நீங்கள் வழங்கியிருக்கும் 3 இடங்களும் மிகத் தகுதியானவையே, அதிலும் IRON MAN இடம் பெற்றிருப்பது எனக்கு மகிழ்சியே,எனது மனதிற்கு பிடித்துப்போன படமது,ஏன் என்று விளக்கமளிக்க தெரியவில்லை. கடந்த வருடம் என் மனதினைக் மிகவும்கவர்ந்த 3 படங்கள் இதோ


உற்சாகத்துடன் தொடருங்கள்.

Dear Rafiq,

Wonderful post (Now am planning to use this as a Header for all comments to you as well, because it has become a habit for you to better your last effort).

However, i do have some queries (of course, based on my own likes and dislikes).

* Hell Boy deserves a better rating than what you have given over here. To understand the nuances of the scenes of Visionary Del toro, i strongly recommend you to watch Pan's Labyrinth. The duel between the ancient goddess of Trees and Hell boy was simply awesome and to put it simply, Poetry in motion. And when hell boy wins the duel, everyone feels sorry for the opponent.

as for as the 1st part is concerned, watch it again and am sure you will love it. in my opinion it deserves a rating of atleast 4.5/5. Any chance of changes in the rating now?

as for as X Files are concerned, am somewhat emotionally attached to that franchise and am always biased to them. However, this one failed to impress me. the build up was so good that it made me to wait for ages.And the delay in the availablity of the DVD Also increased my tension. However, when i saw the movie, i felt let down.

Finally, you could have given a link to Siv's reference Blog Post on Road side romeo.

Also, while talking about Sprit, you mentioned Comicology Shankar. Isn't it should be Cable shankar?

King Viswa.
தமிழ் காமிக்ஸ் உலகம்


I think Hellboy 2 deserves more points as my friends told in their views.

Mummy 3 is truly a wrtetched movie. No wonder Ms. Weiez slipped out of this franchise.

Dark Knight deserves 6 out of 5.

X-Files 2, i could not describe this movie without thinking of the four-letter word. There goes the quality of that movie.

Madacasgar 2 rocks. It should get some more points, Rafiq.

These are only my humble opinions, Rafiq.

A Good Post, Rafiq. My Hats off to you, 'coz i'm going to buy a new one.

Hi Rafiq and to all comic fans,

Have you guys read the original Indiana Jones Comics series published by dark horse ?.


Hey Rafiq, loved the post...well I need to write a longer comment on this...as I feel my ratings for some films will differ from yours...may be I'll use both of ur posts as a Tag and write a new one...if you allow me to do so :)

havent seen most of the films , bt def dark knigt deserves mention, heathledger has set a benchmark in perfoemances, among recent imes along wit johnny depp as capt jack sparrow and ahem,, cough cough,, srk as surinder saini. three memorable roles i have seen n 2009, though pirates if the caribbean ws reeleasd earlier i jus watched rcenly. to b honst none of the superhero mobies apart frm dark knight has tryly impressed me
most of all , hulk . i personally like the od tv seies hulk where hulk is placed ya charater \acote than a cg character..
the look in movies was emphasised too much on the comic books , when u make a movie the character should never look caertoony, thats y i persoanlly ddnt like any of the cg effects in recent superhero movies , i prefer reading books or watching cartoon , but on the other hand a tv series like smallviile i personally enjoy , becausue thers isnt nuch of cg anyway and more efort is on he story narration

Dear Comicologists, Thanks for your vist and special thanks to those who have spent their time in recording their comments.

ஷங்கர் அன்பரே: முதன்மையாக வந்து கருத்தை பதிந்தர்க்கு மீண்டும் நன்றி. அர்பணிப்பு என்று கூறி என்னை மிகவும் பெருமை படுத்தி விட்டீர்கள். ஹெல்பாய்-வனதேவதை காட்சியை நினியிவு கூர்ந்தமைக்கு நன்றி.. அதையும் பதிவில் சேர்த்து விட்டேன் இப்போது.

படங்கள் ஒவ்வொன்றுக்கும் உங்களுடைய கருத்துக்கள் நச்சென்று இருந்தது.... சுருக்கெழுத்து போட்டிக்கு நீங்கள் கட்டாயம் தேர்வாவீர்கள் :)

சின் சிட்டி என்று நீங்கள் குறிபிட்டது த ஸ்பிரிட் படம் தானே.... இன்னும் மில்லேரின் முந்தய படம் தாக்கம் உங்களிடையே குறையவில்லை என்று நினைக்கிறேன் :)

நீங்கள் குறிப்பிட்ட 3 படத்தை பற்றி கேள்வி பட்டு இருக்கிறேன்.... பார்த்து விட்டு கருத்துக்கள் பதிகிறேன்.

Viswa: Thanks. I too agree that I undervalued Hellboy movie. Good to see that you and ShankarV have both referred to the same scene in your comments, which I clearly missed out from my review. Have re-recorded my rating again with an update. Kindly have a look.

X-Files, I should admit I was a never a follower of the series, for the sheer reason of being unaware of the richness. But the Movie franchise, is clear to have let down the TV series followers for sure.

Spirit, I actually referred our own Shankar Visvalingam, since he referred about the movie his some of his previous comments..... Don't remember Cable Sankar recording his reviews yet on the movie... did he ?

Josh: Thanks for your comments, and a retrospective on my ratings. Going by our friends views, I re-rated the movie. I truly understand your ratings wtih Dark Knight, which unfortunately just missed out on Oscar nominations due to Slumdog Millionaire's popularity.

By the way, subtly you pushed your old hat into my kitty, to get it replaced with a new one, is it ?? :)... Hehheheh, just joking.

Vethalan: I see you deleted your old comment on Indiana Jones finding no-mention in this post, as you might have seen that listed in the Part 1 of the post already. Eventhough I have heard about the indiana Jones Comics, haven't read it so far. I have given a link for the Comics in the Jones review, which you could use to know more. Thanks for the visit and comment.

Toonfactory: You are free to write your own review my friend. Isn't Comics & Movies a public asset ? :).... I would be more than happy if you decide to leave a small reference to my posts.... a way to get more visits to my humble blog, from your multi-cultured visitors :)

Liju: Thanks for a well-constructed comment. Friends like you and others who decide to leave meaningful comments, is what makes this blogging habit of mine grow stronger. Good to know that my ratings matched up with much of your interests.

I should also admit that the recent TV serials based on Comics characters are far better in content than the CGI inflated movies running wild on theatres, eventhough there are some masterpieces here and there.

Hi Rafiq and to all comic fans,

Have you guys read the original Indiana Jones Comics series published by dark horse ?.


Dear Rafiq,

Wonderful post (Now am planning to use this as a Header for all comments to you as well, because it has become a habit for you to better your last effort).

However, i do have some queries (of course, based on my own likes and dislikes).

* Hell Boy deserves a better rating than what you have given over here. To understand the nuances of the scenes of Visionary Del toro, i strongly recommend you to watch Pan's Labyrinth. The duel between the ancient goddess of Trees and Hell boy was simply awesome and to put it simply, Poetry in motion. And when hell boy wins the duel, everyone feels sorry for the opponent.

as for as the 1st part is concerned, watch it again and am sure you will love it. in my opinion it deserves a rating of atleast 4.5/5. Any chance of changes in the rating now?

as for as X Files are concerned, am somewhat emotionally attached to that franchise and am always biased to them. However, this one failed to impress me. the build up was so good that it made me to wait for ages.And the delay in the availablity of the DVD Also increased my tension. However, when i saw the movie, i felt let down.

Finally, you could have given a link to Siv's reference Blog Post on Road side romeo.

Also, while talking about Sprit, you mentioned Comicology Shankar. Isn't it should be Cable shankar?

King Viswa.
தமிழ் காமிக்ஸ் உலகம்

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