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Nov 28, 2007

Lion Comics #201 - Modesty Blaise | Nov '07

Prakash Publishers | Price: INR 10 | Pages: 100 | B/W | Size: B6 | Tamil | Laminated/HardCover

Surprise, Surprise.... We have the Lion # 201 "Kaateri Kaanagam" starring Modesty Blaise as Nov'07 release. So, it's good to see the Prakash Publishers have tentatively planned to release issues every 2 months, at least going by the current release cycle.

Lion #201 - Kaateri Kaanagam
(காட்டேரி கானகம்)
Lion 201 Cover-1

As far the story goes, there is no denial of fact that Modesty Blaise and Willy Garvin simply steal the show, with an interesting plot of Vampires shielded underworld gang being busted with the help of old Network ally.  I wouldn't be able to judge the quality of original dialogues, but as usual, Editor Vijayan simply is awesome in his translation depicted at various pages.  Tamil at its best.

I am pretty disappointed with the cover art.  At first sight, I was astonished to see the sparkling cover, and only realized later that it has been picked up from Biggles Digests released recently. 

For those who missed the previous post, the link is right here.  Editor seems to have found a way to reduce the production work for this release, with this approach. 

If I am not wrong, I believe this is the first time Lion-Muthu Publishers have resorted to a cover art which isn't part of their line-up.  Only the defunct Ponni, Meghala back in 90's used to feature this poor conceived strategy.  I hope it's a one shot, and we go back to our trademark cover designs.

Editor's HotLine
Lion 201 Hotline
Lion #202 Preview (Lucky Luke)
Lion 201 NextIssues-1

Editor's ever popular Hotline, as usual, and a preview of next Lucky Luke Extravaganza are other highlights.  And it also contains a preview of, what likely seems to be an another, Text Willer Saga in a 3 part series, planned to follow the Lucky issue.

Lion #203 Preview (Tex Willer)Lion #204 Preview (Tex Willer)Lion #205 Preview (Tex Willer)

As usual, it makes up for a good wait. But, let’s hope we get to see them later, if not earlier.


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