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Aug 2, 2007

Lion Comics #200 - Cowboy Special | Jul '07

Prakash Publishers | Price: INR 100 | Pages: 388 (A4 in B/W) + 16 (B6 in Color) | Tamil | Laminated/HardCover

The long awaited Lion Comics Cowboy Special was released on July '07, also marking the Lion #200 landmark issue. This special issue marks the third time a Lion Comics edition was priced at INR 100/-, and the first time a special issue was fully devoted to the Wild-West Heroes. Witness the Front and Back Covers of Lion #200, which is a double bonanza with wonderfully coloured artwork.

Lion #200: Cowboy Special Cover-1Lion 200 c1

Even though, they are inspired by the originals (have a look at them at the end of the post), the fact remains that the cover artist for Lion/Muthu editions, has an uncanny knack of picking up the right colours to bring pictures into life. Especially, the Tex Cover Art.  I don't remember seeing a cover this quality in recent times with either Lion or Muthu.

There are 5 Cowboy stories in this edition.

1. Thalaiku Oru Vilai (தலைக்கு ஒரு விலை)- Lucky Luke
2. Panikadal Padalam (பனிகடல் படலம்)- Tex Willer
3. Paraloga Paanam (பரலோக பானம்)- Cisco Kid
4. Kaadhalika Neramillai (காதலிக்க நேரமில்லை)- Steve
5. Ilamayil Kol (இளமையில் கொல்) - Captain Tiger (Blueberry)

And there is a surprise guest appearance of Irumbu Kai Maayavi (Steel Claw), in Minsaara Thirudargal (மின்சார திருடர்கள்).   And if that is not enough, Irumbu Manidhan Archie's Joo Joo Padalam (ஜூ ஜூ படலம்) also is given as 16 page supplement.

Even though both Maayavi and Archie's were small adventures, there is no more pleasure than seeing your all time favourites in new stories.  Don’t they ?  In total there are 7 Stories in Cowboy Special, thus maintaining the same number of stories in all INR 100 special editions, released so far.

Lion #200: Cowboy Special Cover-2Lion 200 c2

Talking about stories, Undoubtedly Lucky Luke's Thalaiku Oru Vilai was the star attraction in CowBoy Special. I don't remember reading a Lucky Luke story this hilarious in recent times. The Bounty Hunters were pictured in the most funny way.

Second should be no other than our Tex Willer in Paniyil Oru Padalam. Different Showdown of Snowy scenario, from the traditional heat waves of Texas, and new artwork and the twist filled storylines are the perfect plot.  Surely, another Tex Willer Classic.

Tiger (Blueberry) storyline wasn't that impressive compared to his old saga's. But it is understandable since at this time in his life, he was none known than a young rooky.  Before the release, myself and fellow comickers were debating on how our Editor would write down the scene where Mike finds the name of Blueberry by looking at the flowers nearby, since Muthu had already christened him as Captain Tiger.

Editor finally found a way to reveal the truth, and yet to justify his naming and promotion.  Way to go Sir.

Other two cowboy stories didn't make much good showing.  It looks Steve and Cisco Kid don't impress much as they used to do in old days. Chick Bill could have been a good addition instead of all of them, but obviously Editor would have liked to have as many stories so as to boost up the sales of this special edition, and to also be the first to publish all stories of young Blueberry, before Iceberg (who were about to release them).  Killing the Competition, in literal terms.

Overall, a best extravaganza, even though this is not up to the mark as the Last two INR 100 Special editions. Nevertheless, a landmark issue of Lion Comics.

And, what's more there is a blockbuster announcement of our long pending XIII edition, which is now scheduled for release on 2008 (tactically dated -month, thus allowing our editor a time period from January to December, poor us). Take a look at the teasers for the Mega-Issue priced at INR 200. Go ahead and register if you want own a piece of the history in making.

Lion XIII Special Advertisement-1Lion 200 next1 Lion XIII Special Advertisement-2Lion 200 next2

And as per the tradition we get to see a preview of the upcoming Lion titles.

Have a look at this, while the Lucky Luke's next action adventure is great to hear, does the second one ring any bells. Well, this was the original title scheduled to be released as Muthu #300, which was announced way back in Muthu #298, on Jan 2005, Nearly 2 and half years back. Now, it is scheduled to be released on Lion, a more suitable brand for the Sci-Fi storyline which it boasts. Makes for a nice little wait.

But before that, we have our next lion featuring Modesty Blaise on our 23rd Annual Edition. But, for that to happen it should have got released on July, and we are on August, and yet no signs for that yet.

TRIVIA: Talking about Annual Editions, can anyone say when were the only two times, when we didn't have our regular Annual Edition of Lion Comics?

If you know the answer, leave them in your comments below.

Lion Issues Coming SoonLion 200 next3

Update (11/08) - The Originals:

Tex No.415: Delitto nel porto (Crime in the Port)
Tex Tre Stelle (Tex Three Stars) : Sep 1998

Tutto Tex (All Tex) : Oct 2005
Writer: Claudio Nizzi | Artist: Fabio Civitelli
Cover Art: Claudio Villa
Lieutenant Blueberry No.22
Le bout de la piste (1986)

The End of the Trail (1990)
Writer : Jean-Michel Charlier | Artist : Jean Giraud


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