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Jul 17, 2008

CineBook – Clifton #1-5 | 2008

Price: INR 195 | Color | Pages: 50 | Size: A4 | Laminated/HardCover

Our first set review about CineBook’s Lucky Luke series is now followed by another Comic character, named Clifton, which is another product from the famed Franco-Belgian Genre.

The main character of this series is "Colonel Sir Harold Wilberforce Clifton", who is a former MI5 Agent, the UK Secret Service, and the plot revolves around his humorous exploits.  The character was originally created by Raymond Macherot in 1959, through the famous Tintin Comics Magazine.  The initial stories were penned and drawn by Macherot himself, until he was replaced by Turk and Bob De Groot  who took the series to stardom.  It had a regular run until 1995, when it was canceled.

Clifton #1: My Dear Wilkinson
ISBN: 1-905460-06-6 | Published: 2005
Clifton #2: The Laughing Thief
ISBN: 1-905460-07-4 | | Published: 2005
Cliffton 01

Turk & De Groot

Cliffton 02

Turk & De Groot

Clifton sports a complete English Gentlemen Attires, and most often seen with his trademark Smoking Pipe, and his trusty red MG T, which all mangles up in his adventures one way or other.  De Groot and Turk did exemplary work even on the minute details like the reaction of pet cats, the expressions on the character faces, the witty dialogues in between the frames, which all keeps you intrigued to the plot.  

There are around 20+ original editions of Clifton available, so Cinebook has tapped onto a long series, which will only be lengthened with the attempt by De Groot to reboot the series by launching two new editions post 2003.  Both of which are printed by Cinebook already, titled as Jade and Black Moon.

Clifton #3: 7 Days To Die
ISBN: 1-905460-08-2 | Published: 2006
Clifton #4: Black Moon
ISBN: 1-905460-30-4 | Published: 2007
Cliffton 03

Turk & De Groot

Cliffton 04

Roderigue & De Groot

The Print, Translation, and Packaging is in line with the Cinebook's Quality Standard, for which they are known for.  Overall, a must have for all the Franco-Belgian Comic Genre Fans. 

Clifton #5: Jade
ISBN: 1-905460-52-6 | Published: 2008
Clifton #5: BackCover
Lists all titles released by CineBook
Cliffton 05

Roderigue & De Groot

Cliffton 05 (Cover2)

Also features Advt. of Clifton #6

Min Lion #30 - Comedy Colonel (காமெடி கர்னல்) Eventhough Clifton is a new character to much of Indian Comics Fans, those who follow Lion/Muthu Comics from South India (publishes Euro-Franco Genre for Tamil Speaking States), would remember that they once published stories featuring Clifton, where he was christened "Comedy Colonel (காமெடி கர்னல்)". He was featured in one single issue, which was published under the Mini-Lion brand, in its issue #30, titled as Comedy Colonel.  The translation and Art was considered A-Class when it was released, but surprisingly since the cancellation of Mini Lion, it was never mentioned or featured again in their Lion brand, which brought back some famous stories which were earlier published in Mini Lion, like Chick Bill, and Lucky Luke.  That will remain a mystery.

But nevertheless, we have Cinebook to thank for bringing these titles to India, which makes us to eagerly look forward for the future titles featuring Clifton.


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